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Settle Spats Online

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Can't agree on anything? This new website will solve your problems.

couple angry man is wrong

You have a fight with your guy and call your friends to vent. This is what you may hear:

"Oh my God, you're sooo right."

"He did what?!"

"You don't deserve that."

Sure, your pals are supportive and always on your side, but have you ever wondered how honest they are when it comes to your relationship? How do you really know you're right? Sometimes you just need objective advice -- without all the therapy bills.

Consider Side Taker, your very own Judge Judy. Here's the deal: If you have a spat with your man about stacking the dishwasher, disciplining the kids, or (insert tiff here), you can anonymously post your grievance online, then let the public decide who's right. People vote on who's right and even provide advice to the couple on how to reach an agreement.

Your argument is posted for two months unless you update it to "Resolved." And if you both decide to bow out at any time, the person with the higher vote total gets the credit for being right. The added benefit is that the advice is completely objective, since people are usually more honest on paper than if they were speaking face to face.

And along the same lines, <>  (yes, from the folks who brought you the show), has just launched. Users can go to the site and upload their dilemma via video. An email is sent to the other person in the argument, giving them a chance to respond. Once both sides are posted, users vote to settle the dispute.

Tell us -- would you let strangers solve your marital disputes?

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Marquita September 15, 2008, 4:10 PM

If the argument is not too personal, I think its a great way of seeing who is right or wrong.

Whitney September 15, 2008, 7:10 PM

Now there really is a way I can get it through to my husband that he is always wrong! lol just kidding. What a great web site

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