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Woman Files Suit Against Casey Anthony

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Would you let Zenaida Gonzales be your nanny? She says finding work is next to impossible ... and is now suing Casey Anthony, the mother of missing three-year-old Caylee Anthony, for defamation.

caylee anthony

Yesterday, a high-profile Orlando attorney filed a defamation suit against Casey Anthony on behalf of Zenaida Gonzales. Gonzales says thousands of people believe she either kidnapped or killed Caylee Anthony.

After Caylee was reported missing, Casey told detectives she dropped off the girl at Gonzales' apartment and now has no idea where the child is. Gonzales says she's never met Casey, and that her private life has been turned upside down -- no one will hire her. Now she wants her name cleared.

"We want to make sure is that Casey Anthony does not profit for throwing Zenaida Gonzlaes under the bus. They are out there talking about movie deals, book deals ... there are t-shirts being sold," said attorney John Morgan.

It's been reported that there are at least ten women named Zenaida Gonzales in the area ... so there may be more lawsuits to come.

Do you think this lawsuit is fair?

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??? September 26, 2008, 4:23 PM

I thought that this woman didn’t exist? When the police went to check out the apt that she supposedly lived in, it had been vacant than longer than Calley had been missing.
I know I haven’t followed the case all that close lately. But I thought the reason police are focusing on the mom is because when the tried to track down this woman they couldn’t find her…

Dyani September 26, 2008, 4:38 PM

I completely agree because that is what I also heard because Casey Anthony acts like she doesn’t even miss her child and if that were me that couldn’t my daughter I would be distraught.

Jenny September 26, 2008, 4:38 PM

she does exist, she lives in orlando and she did actually inquire about renting that particular apartment. at this point, with all the drama…it is just too difficult to explain unless u have been following the case daily.

Donna September 26, 2008, 4:45 PM

I totally agree!!!! Take the witch for evrything and anything!!!! She obviously doesn’t care whose lives she has ruined,especially an innocent little girl. I think Casey and Susan Smith should be put in car seats locked up, and pushed into the water.

dan September 26, 2008, 5:02 PM

fair? why does it need to be fair?
A 3 year old is missing and her mother is blaming everyone under the sun, leaving devastated innocent people in her wake. Anyone hurt by Casey Anthony should be able to claim compenstation. Hopefully it will send a message to the “mother” about lying to the world.

Nan September 26, 2008, 6:22 PM

Is this sounding at all like Riley Ann Sawyers to anybody? Only, in that case, they found the body first and had to connect it to the parents. I wish, hope and pray that by some miracle this child is still alive.

Joey September 26, 2008, 6:48 PM

It was under my, law enforcement, and Nancy Grace’s belief that the Zenaida Gonzales was completely made-up. So it is going to be very hard for this actual person Zenaida Gonzales to prove in court that Casey Anthony purposely tried to defame her. To me it seems like this lawsuit is frivolous and a attempt by the public to exact revenge. I’m guessing this suit will be dismissed on lack of proof.

mary September 26, 2008, 9:58 PM

I think that this person is just after money. Casey gave a first second and last name, so why the confrusion. Maybe the child is alive somewhere. The police never really looked for her.

Jill from Western Australia September 27, 2008, 3:50 AM

Zenaida has a legitimate lawsuit - she deserves to WIN!!!

I take umbridge that the police never really looked for Caylee - it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack with ALL THE LIES that they have been told by CASEY/CINDY/GEORGE & LEE!!!!!

I DON’T think that we are being told the TRUTH!!!…I want PROOF that Casey ACTUALLY WORKED since 2006…failing that I WANT HER SOCIAL SECURITY PAYMENTS/RECORDS!!!

Sadly this CIRCUS is about a BOOK/FILM DEAL…the Anthony’s don’t seem to care that ALL the Zenaida’s who appear to be implicated WILL HAVE TO MAKE MAJOR CHANGES TO THEIR LIVES because of the ANTHONY LIES!!!! - DISGUSTING!!!

Casey’s MOUTHPIECE told us that when the truth comes out WE WILL FEEL COMPASSION FOR CASEY!!!!!…WAITING WAITING WAITING!!!!!

We the public need to know who is the father of Caylee {simple DNA test!}
We also need answers to all of the above questions to allow us to make up our minds!

IMO Casey IS A THIEF of many years, Cindy/George & Lee KNEW this!!! & turned a “BLIND-EYE” to her probable DRUG/ALCOHOL ADDICTION!!!…SHAME ON THEM!!!

Meanwhile beautiful little Caylee lies DEAD…somewhere…could be found by Law Enforcement..but for the LIES told by THE ENTIRE ANTHONY FAMILY!!!!

{I would like to see Casey in the same Jail Cell as Drew Peterson…they are suitably matched…they could challenge each other to a LYING competition!!!…both are DESPICABLE!!!}

savanna stone September 27, 2008, 6:11 PM

i think she needs to stay in jail she has eather sold that baby or killed her i dont see how some won could kill somthing that beautiful

the maine thing is whear is caylee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous September 27, 2008, 6:15 PM

i think she needs to stay in jail she has eather sold that baby or killed her i dont see how some won could kill somthing that beautiful

the maine thing is whear is caylee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jill from Western Australia September 28, 2008, 4:49 AM

Initially I thought that Casey SOLD Caylee…then I suspected that Caylee was being held hostage for DRUG MONEY!
Sadly I now suspect that Casey NEGLECTED Caylee…somehow this beautiful little girl is now DEAD!!!
I have read every document provided by the police/family..
My sincere gratitude goes out to the POLICE!!!
I have NO sympathy for any of the ANTHONY FAMILY…they knew that Casey WAS/IS A THIEF!!!!!…did nothing but try to cover it up!
Some will say that CINDY was TOO CONTROLLING…I won’t dispute that..BUT…I can assure you that if I didnt see my 5 month old grandson for 3 days I would be EXTREMELY ANGRY…if my daughter consistently told me lies…my ANGER WOULD BE GREATER…
I cannot condone the actions by Cindy/George & Lee…allowing Casey to LIE about where Caylee was!!!..FOR OVER A MONTH!!! - truly despicable!!!
I truly feel that Zenaida SHOULD file a lawsuit against Casey…and should win!

Sadly this has degenerated into a Media explosion…talk of BOOK DEALS & MOVIE RIGHTS totally SICKENS ME!!!

I would like to BOYCOTT any of the Anthony family receiving ANY MONEY from this tragic loss of CAYLEE!!!

Meanwhile Casey remains free!!!

Meanwhile Caylee is MISSING presumed dead!

Meanwhile the entire ANTHONY family are LYING to Law Enforcement!!!

It doesn’t get any SICKER than this!!!

Thankyou to all the Police for trying to resolve this case…I sincerely hope that you are able to find Caylee & put Casey & Cindy in Jail for a LONG TIME!!!

Cynthia  September 28, 2008, 7:01 PM

The Anthony family should recieve no benefit from any deal that may come. This whole situation is ridiculous. She needs to tell where the little girl is.

Bette September 29, 2008, 2:59 AM

The whole family is playing all law enforcement,national news. And Nancy Grace program is getting disgusting to watch. It is repeated over & over on the one hour problem. I am sure there are more new about someone elses child missing. Put Casey,Lee.Cindy& George in Lock down and bring them out when there is a true break in the case.then start charges them with not providing the correct clues to the case.A innocent child is missing BRING HER HOME .NOW..Casey& her Mom Cindy had a gift of GAB,GAB.GAB Anyone one else would have put in jail and charges would of been filed,All of you are making money off a child who is dead, Please bring her home so she can have a nice funeral.And if you feel you can’t find Casey filed the charges you have now against that worthless mother.

Lesley September 29, 2008, 2:01 PM

To Jill… you obviously have strong opinions but you are wrong. For starters, why do you deserve proof of any work records from anyone here in the U.S.? We don’t supply social security records to each other, much less to people from other countries.

And as for your simple DNA test, who do you propose that we test? All of the males in Florida? Do you know how much a “simple dna” test would cost the taxpayers if they don’t know who exactly to test? Oh wait. It doesn’t much matter to you as you don’t pay taxes in this country right?

While I agree that Casey is probably guilty, I do not agree that one of the women who happen to have the name that she gave them should just be given tons of money without them checking into her past a little better. It seems sort of odd to me that Casey knew an apartment that the woman had been at and didn’t even know her. There is something more here than what is being told. I believe that all parties may know more than they are admitting to.

The government in Florida are doing things the correct way by our Constitution here. We have a set way to do things legally that protect everybody in this country. It works pretty well the way we do it and I don’t think we need advice on how to prosecute our own citizens.

Interesting that you say that Cindy and Casey have the gift of GAB, GAB, GAB. I see they aren’t the only one. You seem to have that gift as well.

Caring for Caylee September 30, 2008, 12:47 AM

@ Lesley … pot meet kettle.

The prosecution is not going to show their trump cards, IMO.

George Anthony’s released information is very limited; however, he did say this was becoming bizarre after Casey told persons he had a mini-stroke.

May justice be served soon for Caylee, and may Casey find her way to jail soon instead of blogging on the internet.

sharon augusta September 30, 2008, 8:00 AM

This girl needs to wakeup!! I think the lawsuit is very much needed not only to clear the nannys name so she can find work,but to put more pressure on casey as to how serious this is.It proves her statements were nothing but lies!! She is a very sick girl who needs to get some mental help.I hope all the women with this name steps forward and sues her as well.It would serve her right.

Lucie October 17, 2008, 3:19 AM

Does anyone know how long Casey borrowed that shovel? Also, any mother that doesn’t lift a finger or talk about trying to find her daughter is a piece of”c…”!! The only reason someone would NOT be devastated is because they are guilty!!!herlack of acring show that Cindy is WRONG-CASEY IS NOT A GOOD MOTHER!!! What GOOD mother would NOT be totally finished emotionally if her daughter were missing?

Deb December 28, 2008, 7:31 PM

Yes, and I think that all of the other 10 Zenaida Gonalez’s should follow suit. This woman (Casey Anthony) is the poorest excuse for a human being that I’ve ever come across. She’s obviously been indulged all of her life and now it’s coming back to haunt her. I hope that her trial, conviction and hopefully execution doesn’t take forever. She deserves everthing that she gets.

MeToo January 2, 2009, 11:36 PM

I do think any woman whose name is Zenida Fernandez Gonzales and who had lost jobs or income in anyway due to the accusations by Casey should sue Casey. Embarassment is also a damage… it is also damage to have others throw stones because they may have believed what Casey had claimed. However, I am not convinced it will help any of them and frankly, I am surprised any attorney took the case, much less a well known high powered attorney’s office. I wonder if Casey will have the money for them to collect upon the Court awarding any sum at all. God knows she doesn’t have money of her own… she could not hold a job if her life depended on in. Someone undisclosed and hiding is paying her attorney (I often thought it was OJ until he went to prison LOL). Let’s also face it… if anyone was to write a book on this… why would they need to pay Casey anything? Please, noone is going to get the truth out of her… for a non-fictional book. No sense paying her one red cent. So… even though all the DAMAGED Zenida’s deserve to be compensated, where would the money really come from. I’ll be interested in seeing what they do with these lawsuits.

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