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Woman Files Suit Against Casey Anthony

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Would you let Zenaida Gonzales be your nanny? She says finding work is next to impossible ... and is now suing Casey Anthony, the mother of missing three-year-old Caylee Anthony, for defamation.

caylee anthony

Yesterday, a high-profile Orlando attorney filed a defamation suit against Casey Anthony on behalf of Zenaida Gonzales. Gonzales says thousands of people believe she either kidnapped or killed Caylee Anthony.

After Caylee was reported missing, Casey told detectives she dropped off the girl at Gonzales' apartment and now has no idea where the child is. Gonzales says she's never met Casey, and that her private life has been turned upside down -- no one will hire her. Now she wants her name cleared.

"We want to make sure is that Casey Anthony does not profit for throwing Zenaida Gonzlaes under the bus. They are out there talking about movie deals, book deals ... there are t-shirts being sold," said attorney John Morgan.

It's been reported that there are at least ten women named Zenaida Gonzales in the area ... so there may be more lawsuits to come.

Do you think this lawsuit is fair?

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Anonymous January 5, 2009, 9:29 AM

well her mother was real stupid 4 killing her own daughter why bring kids in this world if you are not going to take care of them and all she had to do isgive her daughter up tp casey parents they would have token care of her she is just slfish mother and needs to be in jail 4 life

ashley byrd January 5, 2009, 9:33 AM

no she either killed the baby or sold it or had somebody help her kill baby and even that why kill a cute baby so innicent

JW January 20, 2009, 2:40 AM

Zenida Gonzales is an innocent woman who should be cleared of all wrong doings. She doesn’t know Psycho Cassie. I hope Zenida and anyone else that have suffered because of Cassie’s lies should be award money. Maybe then people like the Anthonys who are into denial will wake up to the TRUTH! Cassie “Pycho” Anthony is a blood lair and murder. Her and her massively dysfunctional family are pathetic people. Cassie’s parents should go to jail for OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE!

Jason February 8, 2009, 8:24 PM

Zanida Gonzalez needs to get a life. She wants to make some money on a dead girl. That so called attorney John Morgan he is a complete JOKE. He isn’t for the people. He is just for himself and wants to look really good on TV and he wants to promote his little firm. I had a major slip and fall accident at Taco Bell way back when. I personally talked to this guy and he said it was not big enough for him. Also this guy cursed my friend and I out some time ago. John Morgan apparently dialed the wrong number and we told him that he needs to stop calling our number and this SOB keeps calling back and yells in the phone “do you know who the hell I am”. This John Morgan guy wants big money out of this and he will not get one penny from Casey Anthony at all. I really hope that this will bring his firm down. Also there are like twenty other Zenida Gonzalez out there, so it is a very common name. So they are going to have a hard time proving their so called case against Casey Anthony. Leave the girl alone. She is already in enough trouble. Also look at this John Morgan, he invites the Media to his depositions. What right attorney would do that. None. He’s looking to generate publicy for his firm. John Morgan please move on and get a life. Also Ms.Gonzalez needs to get out and find a job. Stop being lazy, america is not buying it.Oh by the way there are like 20 different Zenidia Gonzalez in the Florida area and the girl that Casey was talking about was 24 years old and childless. This so called Zenida Gonzalez is 39 years old and has 4 kids. Hello John Morgan???

Joan Knibbe February 12, 2009, 4:56 AM

I found two message postings on and in July Casey is asking THE NANNY questions.

The first one, Are you her?
The second one Casey is mad at THE NANNY. Telling her that she has Caylee, that she lied to the Police, and that she went to the Bars…WANA READ THIS YOURSELF? Go There.

rdp February 26, 2009, 9:51 AM

Since Casey has no money , and if George and cindy don’t come clean with a public apology, then Zenaida should be able to sue them. They will have money eventually. She has suffered through this and I believe she deserves compensation. But you can’t get water out of stone, CAsey that is. Her lawyer should be conspiring to get money out of George and Cindy. I hope that is what he is thinking

Deborah Merritt March 19, 2009, 2:14 AM

Yes the lawsuit is fair. Based on Casey’s lies-the only Zanieda questioned was the one filing the law suit.
The brother gave his deposition, next are cindy and george.

Karen April 11, 2009, 5:55 PM

I think this case should be handled off the media. I think this Zenaida Gonzalas got questioned by police, got video’d & I think maybe she could have had harassment but she has no reason to file against the Anthony family, she just sees it as making some money & getting ahead as they all do. I think Cindy & George and Lee are are in for one hell of a ride to hell & back before this is all over with.
I think Cindy & George have EVERY right as parents to stand behind their daughter even if she could be at 100% fault, you as a parent couldn’t blame & scream at your child & then live the rest of your lives.. you’d have to protect..
I think John Morgan is a jerk on a skate board & I hope he heads right into a wall.
And BTW, there ARE at least 10 other Zenaida Gonzales, Gonzalas, Fernando-Ganzalas etc in Orlando.. I looked up Zaba also in the very beginning in July 2008..
Cindy & George are being harassed. by the fault perhaps of their daughter not by anything they were directly involved in..

Karen April 11, 2009, 6:07 PM

EVERY crime turns out a movie… don’t ya know… all these people coming forward are in it for a clutch hold of the money… poor Caylee… so famous.. & dead.. what a bunch of idiots..

ICENSNOW May 8, 2009, 4:29 PM

I hope that there is enough forensic evidence to nail this b-tch to the wall! Those photos of that little girl are haunting. This is a sad case, obviously mom is used to getting whatever she wants when she wants it regardless who she has to run over to get it. She has also been enabled, apparently, alot along the way. The drinking binge and the jail pampering looks like self pity to me, I agree she should share a cell with peterson…until the death penalty is invoked.

UREVILCASEY  March 18, 2010, 9:15 AM


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