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You Pay for Sex

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You may be thinking "Who, me?" but a new poll shows married women spend just as much -- if not more on their sex lives, than their single counterparts.

woman and man in bed rolling in money
You may be thinking you spend less on your sex life just because you're coupled up, but think about it: What with paying for sitters on date night, contraceptives, cabs and mani-pedis, are you really spending any less than the average single girl?

Nerve set out to find the answer:
For one month, they followed the sex lives of a 29 year-old single woman, a "cougar" in a long distance relationship and a married mom of two. It turns out married women spend more cash than you might think.  

Mom of Two says, "I don't have much to tell you, sadly. I got a $25 bikini wax and I think I got to use it all of once." A few days later, she spent $240 on new clothes "in order to keep my husband interested and attracted." Later she got a free pedicure at a promotional event: "I chose a saucy red called 'Kiss the Cook,' to which my husband responded, 'I prefer it when you paint your toes pink or nude.'"

Week One Total: $265.00

Single girl picks up her monthly birth control pills ($20), then attends wedding where she spends $0.19 on texts to her boy toy. "Exchanged four dirty texts while at the wedding, revving each other up for the following day's tryst." She spent $3 in gas driving to his apartment. "Send two texts in a moment of delayed post-coital bliss and in anticipation of next encounter," she says, costing $0.09. "Went to the gym to get further toned for next encounter": $9. The following days see one "random, naughty text" ($0.05) and one "random, idiotic text" ($0.05).

Week One Total:

Long-Distance Cougar spent zero dollars the first week, saying her boyfriend paid for all their sex-related activities.

Week One Total: $0.00

And that's just Week One!

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