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5 Ways to Get Your Husband to Listen (Really!)

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1. CHOOSE YOUR TIME WISELY. Never interrupt if he's watching the game or surfing the 'Net to talk and expect his undivided attention. Also, most men are not open to conversation as soon as they walk in the door from work.

2. GIVE HIM A HEADS UP. Just as you tell your children, "Two minutes left, then we are leaving the park," you will be more likely to get your husband's ears if he knows when he needs to give them to you. TRY THIS: "Honey, I want to talk to you about the pick up schedule for the week. Can you talk for about 15 minutes at 8 p.m. after the kids are down?"

3. LIMIT YOUR LIST. Keep your list of topics to two or three (or he might tend to tune out).

4. TAKE TURNS. If you want to talk about your day without a particular agenda, take five minutes each -- then switch. Make sure that you both get equal turns to share. This keeps both of you invested in the conversation (and awake).

5. ASK HIM HIS OPINION. Everybody wants to feel like they matter. Ask his advice on something specific you're struggling with, and genuinely listen to his feedback. He'll love feeling needed, and this will boost your bond.

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