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Dangerous or Safe: Halloween Costumes

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Continued from page 1, Dangerous or Safe: Halloween Safety


Oversized superhero costumes and princess gowns dominate the young Halloween market. Regardless of what your child is dressed as, make sure the costume is flame retardant. This includes wigs and accessories, too. The issue is that kids often stand close to Jack-o'-lanterns lit with candles, and the costumes can easily catch fire. And avoid tripping hazards like long hems, improperly fitting shoes, and long wigs.

Props also pose potential dangers, like those swords with sharp tips. Make sure that tips are blunted, swords are soft, and nothing can impale.

Glow-in-the-dark accessories are fantastic. Reflective stickers attached to costumes make it easier to be seen at night. Glow sticks are a favorite because they are cheap, waterproof, and provide a good light source (while also illuminating the holder). But the liquid inside glow sticks made of dibutyl phthalate is meant to stay inside -- toddlers shouldn't be allowed to chew on them and older kids shouldn't break open the sticks and use the fluorescent liquid as body paint. On the skin, dibutyl phthalate it can cause redness and irritation; in the eyes, it can cause irritation and tearing; if absorbed in high enough doses through the skin or inhaled or ingested, it can cause burning in the mouth and nausea/vomiting.

Visit the Poison Control website here.

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