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Dangerous or Safe: Halloween Face Paint

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Continued from Dangerous or Safe: Halloween Costumes

kid with halloween face paint

Face paint
Most safety experts agree that face paint is safer than masks. But masks can limit peripheral vision or can even fall down completely, covering children's eyes.
• Losing the ability to see well is far more dangerous than a little makeup -- kids can trip, fall, even walk into a street and not see an oncoming car.
• If your child does use a mask, make sure the eyeholes are sufficiently large and the mask is steady in-place.
• Despite concerns about chemicals, most face paints are safe and non-toxic. If you are concerned, though, the FDA lists each ingredient on its website. If an ingredient is not on the website list, that means it's not FDA-approved.
• Beware of allergic reactions: Some ingredients in face paints can cause swelling, redness, itching, or burning. It's a good idea to test a product before you use it.
• Remember that "non-toxic" does not necessarily mean "safe for skin" or "FDA-approved" and that "washable" refers to fabric, not to skin.

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