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Dear Andrew,

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A letter from proud parents Lisa and Frank Demarco to the son they lost in June to SIDS after only three weeks.

DeMarco family

Our Beloved Andrew,

The day of my 20-week ultrasound when they told us you were a healthy baby boy was one of the happiest days of our life. Dad had the son he always dreamed of having. Boy, did you make mommy sick though. I barely made it home from work from the nausea. Daddy would have a gourmet meal set in front of me to make sure I was in taking all my vitamins but all I wanted was a grilled cheese and ice cream. From 22 weeks on all you did was kick. We never imagined a baby could be so active. Alexa, daddy and I would lay in bed at night and put all our hands on my belly. One night Daddy thought your entire hand came out. Every night Alexa would pick out one of her baby books to read to you. She was always talking to my belly and telling you to come out. One day she said, "Baby brother come out so you can come to the playground with me and we can go down the slide." She couldn't comprehend that you were going to be such a fragile little thing.

The day you were born we felt such an overwhelming feeling of happiness. We were all so blessed to have such a beautiful strong baby boy. Every one of your features was perfect. It was the best birthday present mommy could ever imagine. It was love at first sight ... my handsome little man. Dad joked with me that the man in my life was replaced.

The three weeks that you blessed us with your life were some of the best days of our lives. You were such a happy little boy. I know they say it is usually gas at this young of an age but you always put a smile on our face. We thought since you were such a big boy you would sleep longer but you were up every 2 hours eating like it was your last meal. You had an appetite like your dad and sisters. Your favorite position was fetal position, nuzzled in our necks. Alexa would always help me change your diaper. You hated it and would scream throughout the whole process. A couple of times you got back at me and peed all over me. Your strength was amazing ... if you wanted to eat you would thrust your whole body to my breast. Dad (of course) kept talking about what a great football player you would be when you did it

Your sister loved you so much. All she did was try to protect you and love you. She wouldn't even let mommy run upstairs to get dressed if there was a peep out of you in the swing. Every morning when she got up, the first thing that would come out of her mouth would be, "Where is Andrew ... I want to kiss him and cuddle with him." When she saw you, her little voice would get high and say, "Sweetie, I love you" and she would give kisses all over your body. She actually has still been asking for you and wants Dad and I to go to heaven and bring you back. Her innocent little mind says, lets just bring him to the doctor's. We know you are her guardian angel now.

Your dad and I feel an overwhelming need to apologize to you. I am so sorry we couldn't protect you from SIDS. I am sorry you were cheated out of a lifetime with our family. I am sorry you will never get to grow up and get to know your precious big sister. I am sorry we will miss a lifetime of loving you.

Because of you we will stop to appreciate how fragile life is. You gave such a precious gift to all of the lives you touched. No one knew at the time, but God had very special plans in mind for you when he sent you here to be with us. Who would have ever thought that someone so small would accomplish so much so quickly? Your time on this earth was so short -- but even though that time has ended, you continue to shine your light down upon all of us. You have brought us all together to cling to one another for comfort in times of pain and hardship. We remember your life and all the love and beauty you brought into the world with you. You left us too soon, but the time we did have with you was filled with love, family and plenty of sweet breast milk because I loved my chocolate so much. All you knew in life was how to be loved.

Remember always that you are immortal in our memories that have been etched so deeply upon us all. You will never be forgotten. Our beloved Frank Andrew, you will be in our hearts forever.

Love always,
Mom and Dad

October is SIDS, pregnancy & infant loss awareness month. To donate to in honor of Frank Andrew Demarco, click here.

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