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Do You Like Your Boobs?

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Want them fuller, bigger, smaller --just different? Yep, us too.


They start growing at about age 12, they shrink after kids, and they sag when you're old, but there's one common thread -- their yours and their yours to keep, and most of us wish they were just a little bit different. But how far would we go to change them? We took an office poll and it turns out, that when it comes to plastic surgery, we'd rather pass, even when they make us miserable. Melissa, mom of 1 (34B) said: "Once you have kids, you can't just be vain, you have to consider the risks of plastic surgery. Would I like them bigger? Yes. Would I get implants? No." Jill, mom of 2 (34A) agreed: "I have considered it but I wouldn't get them because of the message it sends to my daughters." Even in the case of Jenny (34C) who thinks her boobs are "disgusting," and make her "totally self-conscious during sex," said she would have a terrible time deciding on getting them "fixed." One thing all the moms DID agree upon, is that they were happier with their boobs before they had kids: "Anyone who says breast feeding makes them bigger is full of s#*t," said Jill.

The office consensus: You are a rare woman if you like your boobs just the way they are. Most of us want to change them, but probably wouldn't. Oh, and when it comes to the men in our lives? Jill summed it up nicely and I think you'll agree: "He says mine are great, but does he look at a pair of fakies walking by? You betcha."

Catch the boob debate on Tyra today (some say their small boobs are even ruining their relationships!).

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geen October 27, 2008, 1:07 PM

“They shrink after kids”. Well not in my case, I went from a B cup to a C/D cup.

deflated October 27, 2008, 2:41 PM

You’re so lucky! Mine went from a full C, down to a small C after #1 then after #2 went down to an extremely small B, actually an A would probably fit better but I can’t get myself to buy that size!

Amber October 27, 2008, 3:06 PM

Mine didn’t change at all during pregnancy or after having my twins. They still didn’t change during pregnancy with my 3rd but they went from an A/B to a C/D with breast feeding my 3rd. after breast feeding was over they are down to an A/B but now seem smaller and are squishier. I don’t like them now. hahaha. I wish they could be bigger. A small c or large b is fine with me.

jackie October 27, 2008, 4:41 PM

would love to get mine done but i’m afraid of how they’ll look after and if i’ll regret it..
then i look at pictures of celebs and think-SHoot, i wish!!

Anna October 28, 2008, 11:10 PM

People should be happy with what they have, i was a small B for my entire teenage years and I was happy with them… Then I grew to a D when i was 17 and guess what I was and still am happy with them.
both large and small sizes have posative and negatives to them
Small breasts are more practical and… pretty much any woman a c cup and up can tell you that most clothes are made for woman with smaller busts and that they will sag eventually.

Larger breasts look more femanine and if you are slender it makes you look more healthy being thin. Plus they are considered more disirable by our society’s beauty standards.

Anonymous March 13, 2010, 2:46 AM


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