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I Got a Virus This Week -- For One Day It Was Great!

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Guest blogger Dani Klein Modisett: I'm not saying I like being sick -- I'm saying that's what it took for me to take a day for myself and lie in bed a little longer in the morning, not worry about exercising, and be reminded that without my health, my obsessive need to multi-task would be over. The hacking cough and the low-grade fever, simply put, slowed me down.

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"Get some rest, honey," my husband said walking out the door in the morning. Then later that day on the phone, "You don't feel well, why don't you let me pick up dinner tonight?"

And here's the best part. I let him.

I don't usually say yes to kindness and generosity when it comes to the household. Here's why. I'm not a bigger earner. There, I said it. I am a college-educated woman who doesn't make a lot of money. Because I choose to take care of my young kids and not pursue a big career, I feel the least I can do is run a perfect household. I don't, of course. Not by anyone's estimation. But in my mind, if my husband is making the lion's share of the family income, than the least I can do is be perfect in every other way. Again, I am not successful at this -- I have no specially marked bins separating the Legos from all the other plastic toy parts my son has amassed for instance, but I do take pride in driving myself nuts trying.

So for one snot-filled, cough infested day I gave myself a little break, and although I am grateful it was nothing serious, it was one of very few not-guilty pleasures I've had recently.

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ashley October 19, 2008, 9:10 AM

You know, it is nice to get sick once in awhile. Over the summer I got sick with tonsilitis. WHich is not fun, but for TWO days, Grandma took my 6 year old (I kept the 1 year old because she was still breastfeeding, my husband got a ride to and from work (we only have one vehicle right now), and he brought dinner home both nights and washed the dishes. For two days, I layed on the couch, I pulled out a big basket of toys and dumped them in the living room floor so Sophia stayed right there because she cant get more than 5 feet from me without freaking out. I watched marathons of dumb reality shows like Denise Richards, Kardashians, and ANTM (which is not dumb). It was the best 2 days this year!!!!

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