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Friday Election Roundup

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Guest blogger Ronda Kaysen: Trick or Treat. If Obama comes knocking on your door tonight, give him candy, but don't count on McCain showing up. The Halloween Spirit Presidential Index - a poll of the company's 625 stores - has correctly predicted the next president for the past 12 years. With Obama masks outselling McCain's by 62% to 38%, you can put your money on an Obama presidency. But here's the monkey wrench: Sarah Palin beats them both. Stores can't stock her masks fast enough. Expect to see a few "sexy trapper"s and "Miss Vice Presidents" out tonight. Say it ain't so, Joe!

barack obama and john mccain

The Polls. The indecisive vote still isn't in. One in seven voters haven't figured out which box to check on Tuesday. Who are these confused souls? "These tend to be people with a lower level of knowledge about the election; they don't follow politics as closely," Michael McDonald, a political science professor from George Mason University who studies voting behavior, told the Associated Press. "If they can't distinguish between the candidates at this stage, the question is if they will vote." Among the people who probably will crawl out of bed and to the polls on Tuesday, Obama still holds his lead nationally. But it's a dead heat in North Carolina and Missouri. The real winner in all this may turn out to be Ohio lawyers who are foaming at the mouth at the chance to scratch each other's eyes out over those pesky provisional ballots.

On Obama's Trail. Sex crazed Obama supporters are lamenting the end of the campaign when their days of Barack block party hookups will come to an end. If all goes well for Obama, Jon Stewart may be out of a job come January. And Obama's can't stop obsessively texting his supporters.

On McCain's Trail. Palin has become the albatross around John McCain's neck, according to a New York Times poll that finds that most Americans don't think she's ready for the job. Conservative college students are worried the liberals will take over the campus if Obama wins and are pounding doors in Virginia. And Joe the Plumber has gone off the reservation. He stood John up at a campaign event yesterday and then refused to endorse him at the next event. Ouch!

The Voters. A whopping 188 million people registered to vote for this election, which means that about 80% of people over the age of 18 are now registered to vote - the largest percentage in 40 years. If they all turn up on Tuesday, this could turn out to be one dizzying election day. Our advice? Line up early.

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