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Getting Fat? It's Your Guy's Fault

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A new study links our love lives to our weight. Here's the skinny.

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You know how sometimes you feel great about your bod and other times you feel bloated and blah? We all know our weight can fluctuate, but did you realize just how much your guy had to do with it?

70% of women say their relationships are the reason for their weight losses and gains, according to the results of new British study.

How? Scientists say when things are going great with your partner, you're more likely to indulge in foods that are bad for you (i.e.: sharing a gooey dessert). You experience a confidence boost when you're happy, thus distracting you from your waistline and sending your good eating habits down the drain.

Conversely, when you're fighting with our guy, you're more likely to turn to food for stress management and comfort.

In other words, men can't win.

The good news? If you are gaining weight, you don't need to spend hours on the treadmill: A new report from the Department of Human and Health Services says people only need two hours of exercise a week (broken up however they choose) to maintain their weight - and yes, pushing a baby stroller counts!

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