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Is Your Man Er, Over Excited? Read This

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New research says premature ejaculation is genetic. Here are ways to fix this pesky problem.

Couple sitting on bed

If your guy speeds to the finish line before you've hit your high note, your sex life isn't doomed. However, new research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine says pre-mature ejaculation is genetic.

Scientists at Utrecht University studied 89 men with premature ejaculation and 92 men without, and had their wives use a stopwatch at home to measure the duration of nooky (romantic, huh?). They found men who suffer from premature ejaculation had low activity levels of serotonin (a chemical linked to sexual activity, rapidity of ejaculation and appetite).

In other words, he can't help but come quickly. That said, there are some tricks to prolong the fun. For starters, get on top -- that way, you can control the speed and pace of movement. Then try the "Start and stop" technique: When he nears the point of no return, take a break for a short amount of time. When his arousal subsides, resume, then repeat the cycle a few times before bringing him to orgasm. That way, he'll last longer each time, and he'll also train himself to delay the big finish.

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