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Men Who Date "Real" Dolls

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If you thought "Lars And The Real Girl" was pure fiction, think again. You may remember Ryan Gosling's Oscar-nominated role in the film about a lonely man who sends away for a RealDoll. He makes her a part of his family, brings her in public, dresses her and essentially loves her. This scenario isn't exclusive to the movies. We spoke to men who actually date these dolls as if they are real companions. These are not your average blow-up dolls. The men we spoke to spent from $500 to $9700 on their dolls. Before you judge them, check out their stories ...

"Pit Viper" is a 45-year-old Internet security specialist at a large company in Rhode Island. He is a divorced father of two adult sons. He says he initially got his dolls for snuggling purposes. The fact that he could have sex with them was secondary. He says that the biggest misconception about doll owners is that they are pedophiles, rapists, sick, twisted, perverted or worse. He says they are basically just regular people who happen to like dolls as companions. His sons do not know about his dolls, but his girlfriend does. When momlogic asked him if he loved his dolls, he explained: It's the same kind of love a man would have for a motorcycle.
"Friend" is a 30-something virgin who has never even kissed a girl. He actually spoke to us through one of his dolls, Vanessa, who refers to him as "Friend." He learned about RealDolls from watching TV. He was lonely and wanted a girlfriend -- a real girlfriend -- but it didn't look like one was in the cards. So he figured that by getting a RealDoll, he'd get to have both sex and companionship, two things he wanted badly -- but not badly enough to settle for the wrong person. He was forced to tell his mother because, like any son, he wanted to share his girlfriend with his family. She actually loaned him over $2000 for the purchase of his "companion." She, of course, would like him to date a real-life person. When asked if he's less lonely now that he has the dolls, Vanessa told us that "Friend" is still lonely, but feels less desperate. He is finishing up his studies to become a biologist.

Alex is 30-year-old computer specialist. Also a virgin, he was forced to move out of his mother's house once she learned about his desire to own a RealDoll. He also only spoke to us through his doll, Jenna. She told us that because of her, he is less desperate for sex and to find a girlfriend. She is a not a substitute for the real thing, however, that's something he still wants.
Momlogic spoke to Amanda Thompson who is the Media and Public Relations Coordinator for RealDoll ...

Momlogic: How many RealDolls are ordered a year?
Amanda: We sell about a doll a day, give or take. There are roughly 4000 dolls in existence at this time, and at any given time we have between 80 and 100 orders in the queue.

ML: Who is your typical customer?
Amanda: We do not keep demographics such as age, sex, race, or job title of our customers. That being said, we also have a very broad spectrum of clients from all walks of life and a wide range of ages from early 20s onward. We believe our primary age range of male clients to be between 55 and 65 but this is an estimation.

ML: How much do they cost?
Amanda: Standard dolls cost $6,499 plus shipping (between $500 and $1050 depending on final destination). Upgrades are available (eyes, hair eyebrows, custom skin tones, etc.) A single doll can end up costing $10,000 depending on the level of customization, and a purely custom doll not based on any of our standard options starts at $50,000.

ML: Do you think RealDolls are helping people?
Amanda: Absolutely. These dolls serve many purposes, from allowing socially awkward men to have relationships within their own comfort zones and establish all the rules, to acting as a stepping stone for people interested in experimenting with new activities without the risk of disease, to acting as photography models (and not sex objects at all.) I'm sure there are many other uses as well. I have a doll myself, that lives in my office. I use her as a life-size Barbie -- I change her outfits at least once a week, and it's a lot of fun. I would never use her for sex though.

ML: How much of this do you think is sex and how much is companionship?
Amanda: This varies from person to person. I know some of our clients just want the dolls for sex only -- they do not give their dolls names (to them the dolls are elaborate masturbatory toys and nothing more) and others create intricate backgrounds for their dolls that include names, personalities, and even histories. Some doll owners have created online journals told from their doll's perspective (I've done this too on my blog.)

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tdcwhiteknight October 19, 2008, 8:04 AM

Oops. Not sure if a comment can be editted. The last line of my previous comment should read “may not approve”.

Saneman October 19, 2008, 10:19 AM

I personally don’t see anything abnormal with what these guys do. Personally I wouldn’t pay $7000 for a fancy masterbation device like some may, but if somebody does, so what?

I read an interview Entertainment Weekly did with Ryan Gosling. When asked “What was your co-star like, the doll? She has an eerie presence in the movie — you get the sense that she kind of could be a real person.” He responded

“Yeah, absolutely. When they called action! it was just her and me. That bonded me to her. It was a real connection. And people will laugh when they hear it, but she has a really calming and peaceful quality when you’re around her. And you would have moments where you thought she looked at you, or said something to you, or moved.”

Perhaps that very reason, and not the sex part, is what attracts these guys to dolls.

And the movie was great. A must watch.

Anonymous October 19, 2008, 10:24 AM

The part of talking through ones doll, is just another way of having fun with the doll.

The dolls can’t do anything in real life, so they get “life” in a chatroom. Others just use the dolls name as their nickname.

It’s not sick or twisted, or losing sence of reality, but just another way of playing with the doll.

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