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New Video Portrays McCain as a Hero

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An unauthorized video of Presidential candidate John McCain causes controversy.

Less than two weeks before Election Day, The French National Archives has released footage of John McCain as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, showing him lying injured in bed and smoking a cigarette during a tearful interview with a French reporter.

The video (which lasts four minutes and 33 seconds) shows McCain shirtless and unshaven, smoking a cigarette. Answering questions from the reporter, he spoke about being shot down over Hanoi on Oct. 25, 1967, and parachuting into a lake.

When McCain speaks about his family, McCain's lower lip trembles and his voice breaks.

"I was on a flight over the city (Hanoi) ... and I was bombing and I was hit by a missile or anti-aircraft fire, I'm not sure which," McCain said, adding that his plane "went straight down."

After plunging into the lake, McCain said he "was picked up and taken to the hospital, where I almost died."

McCain also says he was treated well by his Vietnamese captors. And when asked about the food, he says, "It's not like Paris ... (but) I eat it."

The exact date of the interview is not clear, but it appeared to be taken in late 1967.

Mei Chen Chalais, the reporter's 56-year-old widow who holds the legal rights to the footage, told The Associated Press that some excerpts are available -- mostly unauthorized -- online and are being aired by television networks in France and the United States.

McCain's campaign website features a portion of the footage, which Chalais said was posted without her permission. Chalais' lawyers have sent a letter on the rights issue to McCain's campaign team.

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she October 23, 2008, 1:22 PM

That’s so cool and so admirable :) But I’m still voting for Obama! lol

Lori M October 24, 2008, 4:43 PM

Who better to vote for than an AMERICAN HERO who has dedicated his life to serving his country both in the military and in our government? Really how can you compare an inexperienced Senator to that? Hmmm…I just don’t get it. Barack Obama is a man who has spent his whole life from the very beginning looking up to radicals. His radical Muslim father planned his life out well. As a small boy Barack looked up to a communist radical, then there was his two pakistani roommates, Muhammad Hasan Chandoo & Wahid Hamid, in college (who are now in charge of Barack’s internet campaign contributions), then Saul Alinsky’s (dedicated his book to Lucifer) community organizing, Bill Ayers (radical militant), Tony Resko (convicted felon), Rev. Wright (racist preacher), and Robert Malley (advisor of Obama’s who was having regular contacts with “Hamas”, which controls Gaza & is connected with Iran). And now, his Economic and Finance Advisors are the very people who robbed MILLIONS of dollars from Fannie Mae. Franklin Raines, Tim Howard, and Jim Johnson. And then there is Valerie Jarrett, born in Shiraz, Iran, who is Obama’s chief advisor. You tell me, is there a pattern here? Or do we just ignore it ALL and just remain brainwashed by Barack’s eloquent speaking? Come on people wake up out of your comas and see the light!

McCain/Palin ‘08

she October 24, 2008, 6:02 PM

yeah… I’m still voting for Obama!!

:) October 25, 2008, 1:34 AM

AMEN! IM VOTING FOR MACAIN! I agree with the above poster. Take off your Rose colored glasses and realise who this Obama person really is!

Anonymous October 25, 2008, 1:34 AM

:) Oops that would be McCain :)

Anonymous October 31, 2008, 2:09 AM

ha ha - yeah, with such eloquent writing it’s hard to make out the exact political leanings too…

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