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The New Way to Outsmart Child Molesters

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A new device protects sexual predators from calling or texting your kid.

boy with cell phone

Sexual predators have found a new method of stalking your kids: Cell phones.

Experts on this morning's "Today" show warned parents about the dangers of letting kids carry cell phones: Receiving unsolicited phone calls and text messages from child molesters.

We all know predators target kids online, but now these perverts are going a step further by sending out hundreds of sexually explicit text messages and voice mails in the hopes that a few will respond - and many do.

Considering 50% of eight to twelve year-olds carry cell phones, you may want to consider this device: RADAR is a revolutionary child protection solution for monitoring your kid's cell phone activity.

Here's how it works: For $10 a month, you and your kid create an authorized contact list for with an easy-to-use website. The list automatically replaces the address book on your child's cell phone. So any calls or text messages outside the authorized list - both inbound and outbound - triggers an automatic alert to your cell phone, displaying the full message content. Plus, you'll get to keep a log of your kid's cell phone use.

Think of it like Spyware, except both you and your child are in on it together.

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Steve Epstein October 13, 2008, 2:44 PM

As a child psychologist and youth advocate, most molestation occurs at home with other family members as the perpetrators. Its not a man in a black trenchcoat lerking around the school yard or an online pervert. The child molester is most likely the stepfather, mom’s boyfriend, or even a 12-year-old nephew assigned to babysit his cousins.

Single parents need to be cautious as to who they choose as mates since predators often seek women for access to their children.

Instead of seeking high tech solutions, Parents need to be alert to individuals within their circle of friends and family who spend time with their children.

Parents need to be sensitive to changes in their children and any sexualized behavior. The authorities need to be notified of any suspicions. All states have child abuse hotlines.

AnonymousVictim  October 13, 2008, 7:25 PM

You’re absolutely right. My step-father molested me hundreds of time over ten years and no one ever knew. Everyone thought he was the best guy around, but I was threatened with not only injury to my family members, but death to any boys or men who looked twice at me on the street. It effects you for the rest of your life. No one ever thinks it can happen to their children or in their families, but it nearly always happens closest to home.

Tracy October 14, 2008, 6:49 AM

Why does a child need a cell phone anyway? I grew up fine without one and so will my kids. It’s not a must have thing. For those parents that say they need to keep in touch with their kids, shouldn’t they be with either an adult with supervision or at home/school at all times anyway? I didn’t get my first cell until I was over 30 and I barely use the thing.

momoffour October 14, 2008, 8:48 AM

I agree, Tracy, my oldest got a cell phone when he was in high school but that was so I could go get him after games and such. He also paid for it himself. My other 3 kids don’t have one but their friends do. They want to have them but I keep saying not until you can pay for it yourself. My youngest BFF just got one. She’s 10. Yesterday she paniced because she thought she lost it. It does all kind of things (it’s fancy) and they will call us even when they are in the house. I explained to her that she will use up all her minutes but she said I doesn’t have minutes?? I got my first cellphone a couple years ago (in my forties) and I barely use it. It’s just so the kids can contact me from school if I am out of the house. My husband has had one for work for about 10 years. The younger generation uses it constantly. I took the kids to the park last summer and a young woman there talked on hers (gossiped) for over a half hour. It’s getting so there is “no life” to these kids without tv, computers, internet, and cell phones.

Uly October 14, 2008, 9:00 AM

“For those parents that say they need to keep in touch with their kids, shouldn’t they be with either an adult with supervision or at home/school at all times anyway?”

You think your sixteen year old needs to be constantly supervised? Sixteen is old enough to *work*. What about your twelve year old? Twelve is old enough to *babysit*. How about your ten or nine year old - old enough to walk to school alone, I should hope!

It’s not healthy for a child to never have unsupervised time, whatever you might think.

Becca October 14, 2008, 10:25 AM

I also don’t believe children 8 to 12 need cell phones! I’d even go further then that and say until the teen can pay for their own phone that they don’t need one! Steve is right in that most child abuse happens close to home and not in the play ground!However I don’t think it means that its ok for parents to go out and buy cell phones for their kids. Its just a new avenue for molesters to stalk! I too was hurt as a child and it was someone close to home and not some stranger at school! For me the worst was when I found out my child had been hurt by someone! I had promised myself to always protect my child from the type of abuse I endured and then it happened by someone I never would have thought would hurt my babies! Long story short I am very over protective now and if that means my children not being left alone with strangers, certain family, or getting cell phones then so be it! My children are only allowed to play online on the kid safe sites! Even though the sites are considered safe they are monitored as to what they are looking at and I feel the same should go for a phone! This 10$ add on is nice for parents who insist they need their child to have a phone! That way they can at least monitor who their child is talking to and who is trying to contact their child! Personally my children won’t be having a cell phone! I think this application is a wonderful option for parents who wish their kids to have a phone!

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