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'American Idol' Baby Name Map Quest

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Paris Bennett found her newborn's name on a map. But not ALL locations make good baby names.

Another celebrity mom has hit the maps looking around for a unique baby name -- this time it's former  "American Idol" contestant Paris Bennett. Paris, keeping with her own far flung name, gave birth to baby daughter Egypt on Monday. 

"One of the latest baby naming trends is by location, like Beckham's son, Brooklyn," says founder and momlogic friend Jennifer Moss. "People use place names when they have an emotional bond to fond memories of a particular location. It could be a romantic getaway or the city in which they grew up." But not all city names make good baby names. Here are a few we'd DEFINITELY leave off your lists of possibilities.

Top Five City Baby Names to Avoid:

1. Intercourse, (Pennsylvania)
Instead of commemorating where you conceived your child, this name tells people how you conceived your child.

2. Normal, (Illinois)
If you're worried whether your child hits all the right milestones, this name is for you. Otherwise, opt for the name "Abnormal" because that's what being named "Normal" will make them.

3. Boring, (Maryland)
What's worse: a kid who won't sleep or one that puts you to sleep?

4. Dwarf, (Kentucky)
Since "Dwarf" is considered politically incorrect, you'd end up having to call your baby "Little Person," which will in fact be true, at least until they started putting on some height.

5. Poopoo, (Hawaii)
Although it might be good for potty training purposes, this is a name that truly stinks.

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Teton Valley March 29, 2011, 9:20 PM

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Cairns Australia March 31, 2011, 8:14 AM

Not really my view, but it makes sense. I’d describe it a different way actually.

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