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School Field Trip: Lesbian Wedding

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When students attended a school-organized same-sex wedding, some parents were less than pleased.

two female wedding cake toppers
Last Friday, first graders in San Francisco took a field trip to City Hall to attend the marriage of their lesbian teacher -- causing a firestorm of backlash from angry parents.

According to reports, some opponents of same-sex marriage say the field trip was an attempt to "indoctrinate" the students.

"It's just utterly unreasonable that a public school field trip would be to a same-sex wedding," said Chip White, press secretary for the "Yes on 8" campaign. "This is overt indoctrination of children who are too young to have an understanding of its purpose."

But the school is defending its decision to let students attend, saying the trip was academically relevant.

"It really is what we call a teachable moment," said Liz Jaroslow, the school's interim director, who says same-sex marriage have historic significance. "I think I'm well within the parameters."

Students reportedly tossed rose petals on their teacher and her new wife as they left City Hall.

On November 4, California will vote on Proposition 8 which seeks to ban same-sex marriage in the state, and supporters of the ban fear the field trip may normalize same-sex unions to school children.

Tell us -- would you let your child attend a same-sex wedding?

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MrsT October 14, 2008, 5:44 PM

I think that the trip was very inapropriate for 5 and 6 yr olds. Some things just should not be allowed. I think that same sex marriage is very wrong and children should not be exposed to that environment. It is just wrong.I don’t care what anybody has to say it is not right and should not be acknowledged as something that is ok beacause it is not.

Brian October 16, 2008, 2:07 AM

thank you queen goddess MrsT for straightening us mere mortals out.

Borg October 17, 2008, 12:06 AM

When the ability to parade one’s personal sexual choice becomes more important than allowing our children the freedom to deal with adult issues at a time when they are prepared to do so, we have reached the point of self-absortion that history has shown will ultimately ruin our wonderful country.

Christin October 18, 2008, 11:20 AM

Are you kidding me? To say that parents that don’t agree can “opt out” is ridiculous. Everyone knows that those two kids and their families will now be labled as the “anti-gay rights” families or prude families. Not to mention that they probably got to hear how fun it was and feel left out. No matter what you say - a same sex wedding brings up issues of sexuality and 5 and 6 years old is simply too young for this. I think this was very poor judgment by the school.

Jessica Sideways October 18, 2008, 1:09 PM

We have to remember that if we didn’t teach kids tolerance, then the battle for equal rights will never proceed. It’s like when blacks gained equal rights, it showed that it’s not okay to discriminate against black people because these people wouldn’t want to be discriminated against.

Gays and lesbians are being discriminated against in the here and now. We are not being allowed to marry because of someone else’s religious beliefs and this not only violates our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - but also the freedom of religion. There is no rational secular reason to oppose marriage equality.

Doug Davis October 21, 2008, 12:19 PM

1. Wedding field trips (gay or not) is questionable use of tax money. If the parents wanted their kids to see it then they should have it during non-school hours and invite the children to attend.
2. I highly doubt that this school has ever been to a traditional wedding for a field trip, so I would say this was a stunt rather than keeping with precedent.
3. If this was a field trip to a church or a gun safety event the left would howl to the heavens that it was inappropriate for children.
It seems to me that the left in general has become very hostile to the right and in doing so become very intolerant themselves. The left has become more rabid and violent in my opinion in recent years. For all the tolerance, multiculturalism, and diversity they preach, they themselves are intolerant of anything Judeo-Christian or of conservative/rural culture and values. People actually fear putting McCain/Palin stickers on their cars for fear of vandalism.

Appalled October 22, 2008, 3:47 PM

Well needless to say I am very disgusted this whole thing and at anyone who supports it. Okay Miss Jessica, I understand that you are gay, that is your choice, not judging you I’ll just leave that up to the creator which you will answer to whether or not you choose to:-) However ever I do not and will never tolerate homosexuality! And to expose it to the innocent minds of our kids is plain evil! How can you rationalize that and how dare you compare it as being black?! Do you know of what being black is? We were made that way, it wasn’t a choice and it was/is inhumane to treat people the way they did and still do b/c of the color of their skin! Homosexuality is a choice. No one is born that way! It’s a blasphemy! I don’t agree with anyone discriminating homosexuals or anything but I don’t condone or tolerate the acts, I’m pretty sure there are worst people out there. You all are humans as well as we are and you do deserve the same rights as we do…but please don’t corrupt or kids! You wouldn’t want to teach them kill, steal etc either! It is a sin! I can’t even say anymore this is soooo sad:-( I’ll pray for you and the rest of this world:-(

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