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Could Your Kid Grow Up to Be Casey Anthony?

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No one raises a child to be a murderer, so how does it happen?

We all hope the best for our children. We nurture them and teach them to the best of our ability. Unfortunately, sometimes, things can go terribly wrong. Surely Cindy Anthony never dreamed her daughter Casey Anthony would one day be indicted for first degree murder.  And although Cindy continues to defend her daughter's innocence, telling "Today's" Meredith Vieira, "I know Caylee is alive," that blind optimism might be at the very root of Casey Anthony's problems. Her parents consistently bailed her out of trouble.

"Never letting your child face the consequences of their actions is setting a terrible example," says licensed marriage and family counselor Shannon Fox, "Casey's parents are not completely to blame for her missteps, but they most certainly contributed."

And Casey, apparently, learned by example.

"Casey displays classic sociopath tendencies; a lack of empathy, disregard of authority, lying and manipulating," says Fox. As any parent of a toddler knows, belief that the world revolves around them is standard behavior for this problem. "Eventually though," says Fox, "children grow out of that stage and learn empathy. Casey never learned."

In many ways 22-year-old Casey Anthony continues to behave like a rebellious teenager. "She's got that smug adolescent attitude of someone who's been called on her crap," observes Fox. Evidence of Casey's belief she is "untouchable" is clear in photos of Casey in high spirits, taken at a bar mere days after Caylee's alleged abduction or when she was recently caught on tape passing bad checks.

Could the Anthonys have foreseen the tragic fate of their daughter? Probably not. But there were most likely signs of trouble early on that could've been averted.

"In order to help Casey develop her empathetic skills," suggests Fox, "she might have benefited from volunteering at a soup kitchen, teaching children how to read -- anything that would make her aware of the needs and feelings of others."

Of course, not every child that disobeys or lies is destined to become a murderer -- only 1% of population are truly diagnosed as anti-social sociopaths, regardless, steps should be taken so children are aware of their actions and their impact on others.

If Casey had learned these valuable lessons, Caylee Anthony might be safe and sound at home.

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