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The Sophie's Choice of Aging

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You know you've seen them on the street. They're the women we love to hate, the ones with the tight jeans and tiny, tight butts you could bounce a quarter off of. We despise these women, envy them and wonder how the hell they have time to hit the gym when we can't seem to make time to brush our hair some days. And then ... they turn around.

woman looking at butt in mirror

You catch a glimpse of their faces and all is well with the world once again. Sure, she has the ass of a 17-year-old -- but she also has the face of the Crypt Keeper. Clearly, this woman chose her ass over her face.

It's a sad fact of getting older -- no, not old -- just older. When we were young and nubile, we could slim down and still have that beautiful full-cheeked look of youth. Now it seems, just when we finally get within our five- to 10-pound goal and are making a dent in getting rid of that baby weight once and for all, the harsh reality hits. Losing weight doesn't necessarily look good on us. In fact, often, the thinner we look, the older we look. Sometimes, life just ain't fair.

Remember that awful, nightmare inducing scene in Sophie's Choice where Meryl Streep is forced to choose between her children?? No, of course it's not the same thing ... but as we moms get older, we need to make a choice here as well. Which is more important ... having a youthful face or a youthful body? Sure, that hot bod will come on handy next time you have to go swimsuit shopping or when your honey insists on keeping the lights on. But let's not kid ourselves, you can hide a big butt and thighs with the right outfit and strategically  placed candlelight -- but there's not much you can do with a face that looks drawn, hollow and old.

Now of course there are modern medical marvels that can help women with this dilemma. Doctors can harvest fat from your own body and inject it back into your face to replace the volume that time has so cruelly taken away. But, this virtual fountain of youth in a needle can cost thousands of dollars. So, if you don't have an extra roll of cash lying around to shoot fat back into your face -- an extra roll of fat on your butt may not be such a bad idea after all.

How about you? What would you chose -- your face or your ass?

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anonymous October 27, 2008, 10:25 AM

I used to think that I would choose a hot bod. But now I’m not so sure. I am 27 and my best friend is 39. She looks amazing, she runs every day and has a smokin bod. But her face looks bad. She’s beautiful, but she’s starting to look old. In fact, the other day she asked me if her face made her look anorexic because her husband had said it did. So now I’m thinking I should just be content that I’m a size 7-8 and my face is a little round. And I like my big ol booty.

jules October 27, 2008, 10:44 AM

Being thin and in shape was always so important to me, until the past year or two. I noticed that as I lost the baby weight and started working out again, my face started looking drawn and tired. I’ve decided to stop being so crazy about being thin and I’ve started focusing more on being fit. I don’t care if I’m 5 lbs heavier, I feel I look better with that extra weight on.

Jenny October 27, 2008, 12:25 PM

There is a difference between being thin and being in shape. I would choose to be the size 8 I am now and keep my face the way it is. That being said I also will be lifting weights and doing yoga and pilates to stay toned. Id rather have my size 8 tight and toned than to be a size 2 toothpick with no curves or muscles and a old lady face to boot.

anonymous October 27, 2008, 5:34 PM

distasteful analogy: sophie’s choice

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