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True Love Waits ... Until 18

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Momlogic's Julie: I don't want to teach my kids to wait to have sex until marriage, because I just don't think that's realistic. But I would like them to wait until they're at least 18!

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The "True Love Waits" movement is all the rage. Teen stars The Jonas Bros., Jordin Sparks, and Selena Gomez all wear their purity rings with pride. I love the concept of waiting -- in theory -- but I can't in good conscience teach my kids to wait until marriage because I really don't believe in that. I actually think it's a good thing to get some experience before walking down the aisle. But I'd love for them to wait until they were 18. That's why I propose a new movement: "True Love Waits ... Until 18."

Both my kids will be in college by 18. Hopefully, they're better equipped to make a decision over having sex with a high school diploma in their hands.

46% of teens have sex in high school ... 34% of them by ninth grade. NINTH grade! There is a huge difference between 14 and 18 mentally. I think my kids would consider birth control and STD protection more at 18 than they would at a younger age.

Most girls don't even have orgasms in high school but 100% of guys who have sex do. I'd love to give my daughter a few more years to get to know her own body before giving it over to a guy who's guaranteed to get off. (Where's the fairness in that?)

And by avoiding sex until she's 18, my daughter won't have to be with an inexperienced high school guy in bed. That's sparing her a lot of frustration and misery right there.

1/3 of girls in the US get pregnant at least once by age 20. Under my plan, many of those teen pregnancies would be wiped out ... and my son would be guaranteed not to knock someone up in high school -- a welcome relief.

Look, I'm not naive. I know that the majority of teens ARE going to have sex in high school, and believe they should be taught about birth control at home and given proper sex education in school so they can protect themselves.

But I'd like to teach my kids to wait ... at least until they're 18. What do you think of my plan?

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Russell Outside February 17, 2011, 11:12 AM

Kudos to those who took time to express the value of our children and that because they are thats why one should wait. It is important to teach that True Love does Wait so that we teach how valuable our children are. That does mean expressing the whys, hows, and even expressing the reality of the way people are (God does that too you know!). But ultimately, teaching your children how valuable their body and heart are, that a relationship and getting to know someone deeper is worth more than compromising yourself for something WAY more temporary, is better equipping them to make the choice in life themselves (in response to saying that it is just saying no). Teaching that true love waits is equipping them know both sides and the value of a relationship vs. the consequences before making a choice that can’t be taken back. Like the posts before, carefully consider what we are teaching our children cause they are worth so much more than the everyday world teaches them! PeAcE!

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