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We Don't Make Out Anymore

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Guest blogger Kerri says: Marriage killed our make out mojo.

man and woman

Before kids, my husband and I made out like crazy. Now, we share a perfunctory kiss hi and bye, but rarely give each other a hot-and-heavy liplock.

Now, keep in mind, we still kiss during foreplay ... but that doesn't count. I'm talking about a hardcore tonsil hockey session, where kissing is the main event ... where he gets you all hot and bothered by focusing solely on the neck up.

In our case, making out happened a lot during dating, less during the honeymoon phase of marriage, and waaaay less (translation: rarely to never) once our two kids were born. I love the thrill of a good kiss ... but, let's face it, who has the time? This multi-tasker has no time for a make out session!

But I must admit I do miss how my heart would race ... his hands on my face and in my hair ... the physical connection without the sex. And I really miss that delicious shiver that would travel from my head down to my toes.

Do you still make out?

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Jennifer October 22, 2008, 9:34 AM

Where did it all go???
The excitement has totally died off after having the kids & work.
That is why so many of my girlfriends are running around. The excitement in their marriage is gone. So sad.
I’m probably next in line to meet Mr. “Kiss me”.
Kiss me long and hard. The saying goes if you ain’t getting it home someone else will help you out. Seriously now!

amanda October 22, 2008, 10:49 AM

Well I do agree we dont make out as much either. being married for over 8 years I guess does that. But when we do “make out”…wow….i love that feeling! Uggh where is my husband now so I can make out! LoL

foxymama October 22, 2008, 10:52 AM

I have not tongue kissed my man in a VERY long time. Seriously, I need a teeange repeat makeout session

geen October 22, 2008, 12:32 PM

The same thing has happened to me and my hubby. What I have found to work is just to start making out, even if you don’t want to and things just kick up from there.

shanna October 22, 2008, 12:59 PM

This is an epidemic! I crave that feeling of the thrill of a makeout, but not sure I can get the charge from the guy I’ve been with for 15 years. How do you get the thrill back?

Theresa October 22, 2008, 2:55 PM

What is wrong with all of you? You seriously can’t find 5 minutes to make out with your husbands outside of sex? What’s your favorite show? Desperate Housewives? The E channel? Turn it off. Get off of momlogic There is some thing in your life you can cut out to make time for this.

Remember: If you keep putting that relationship on the back burner, eventually its going to burn up for good.

T. October 23, 2008, 10:52 AM

i guess its true … when me and my hubby first started dating, we were always kissing . . before he left for work, after he came home from work, as we passed each other in the house, getting in and out of the vehicle, anywhere anytime. after we had our first child, yeah, the make-out sessions went down hill. he still wanted to kiss and play, but i was too tired. when we would make love . . yeah, we kissed, but that was different, in some way. we have been together for four (4) years and in the last three (3) years … rarely kissed on a daily basis. I feel guilty, but im so drained by days end.

Alicia October 23, 2008, 1:39 PM

We’ve been married 5 years and have a 2 year old. We were feeling the same way, between work (we work opposite schedules so we can be there for our little one), school, and the baby we would rarely see or do anything together. We came up with a great plan though. We hired a baby sitter! She is actually a close family friend but we get a great rate and for about 4 hours a week we can drop him off whenever we arrange to (usually in the early morning) and we come back home and jump into bed! Sometimes we just hold each other and sleep for a couple of late morning hours together. Other days, well, ya know! It’s exciting and fun to know we don’t have to worry about waking the baby or him walking in or needing us. We sometimes will steal away while he is playing with cars or coloring for a quick make out session in our bedroom. Sometimes he will go a good 10 minutes before he realizes we aren’t in the room and then start calling for us and we have to go back out but it is SOOOO worth it. Turn off the TV/Computer/blackberry/etc. and sneak into the bedroom, hire a baby sitter for a regularly scheduled couple of hours a week. Even if it is JUST to sleep!

Nancy October 23, 2008, 7:12 PM

I was a baby sitter for a couple that needed time together and one day, the husband came home early and after being home a little while, he started coming on to me. He was good looking and he sat on the couch next to me. He said I was better looking and younger then his wife. He started to kiss me and hen slid his hand under my blouse and caressed my t*its and n*ipples. He then slid his hand down, between my legs and rubbed my cl*it until I cl*imaxed. He then carried me to the bedroom, undressed me, took off all his clothes, spread my legs and went down on me until I came again. He then slid himself inside me and ph*ucked me until I came a third time. S*ex with him was the best and we still see each other twice a week for the best s*ex ever. He said he is bored with his wife but likes the fact that she stays home, keeps the place clean and cooks for him. People get bored of their mates and want some excitement with other people. He said, men start to look at other women and think, what does that woman look like n*aked? How might that woman be in bed? He said it is nice to have someone for you at home but have extra excitement outside the marriage. He said all men want to have s*ex with as many women as possible. He said s*ex with other women, especially if they are married, is such a turn on.

Shawna October 23, 2008, 9:47 PM

‘Scuse me, I need to go make out now. :)

Irene October 23, 2008, 11:09 PM

My husband and I have been married for 25 yrs. and I try to hug him when he comes home from work but he’ll say he’s tired.He’ll even say that we are to old to go out by ourselves.Sometimes I wonder if theirs someone else.

Charlie October 24, 2008, 2:14 AM

Well Irene, if there is someone else, give me a shout at and we can have a lot of fun together.

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Caseu December 1, 2010, 10:39 PM

My fiance says he doesn’t like to make out cause he doesn’t want to end up bored in the future. Hell, we’ve never made out once since we’ve been together and I really love doing that. Being 5 months pregnant now, I crave it more than ever and he probably thinks I’m being if I get mad cause he doesn’t want to kiss me like that. I’d rather make out all night than have sex but then he thinks I want sex too much to. I can’t seem to win this one at all.

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