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Working Moms VS SAHMs - What Your Teen Really Thinks of You

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We were all blown away by our own recent momlogic poll, which showed that 89% of SAHMs think their kids would be happier if they worked and 46% of working mothers think their children would be happier if they stayed at home.

mom leavingfor work kissing kids at table good bye

It's no secret. We drive ourselves crazy wondering what affect our lifestyle will have on our kids. Working moms stress out about not being around enough, that their kids are missing out if they're not home to greet them with warm milk and cookies after school. For stay at home moms it's an entirely different story. Most of them wonder if their kids will ever see them as more than just a taxi driver. They fear their kids will never know the accomplished person they were before they decided to stay home and raise a family.

Well ladies, stop stressing and guessing -- it's time for answers instead. Why just sit around and wonder what affect our lifestyles will have on our kids? Momlogic decided to cut to the chase and find out. We spoke to a group of suburban teens and asked them what they think of their moms -- both SAH and WM. Their answers will both shock and inspire you.

So for all you working moms out there, give yourselves and hand as well as a break. While our teens admitted they wished you were around a bit more, they also say that having a mother who works made them responsible and independent. And not only that, they respect you for nurturing your career as well as your kids -- even if you missed a soccer game or two.

And don't worry SAHMs, we know you're so much more than just a chauffeur, well guess what? So do your kids. In fact, they see how hard you work taking care of the house and know it really is one of the toughest jobs out there. Now while they loved having you waiting at the door when they were little, many of our teens said that by the time they hit high school it's best for both of you to have a little space. It's not that they don't want you around, they just really crave independence right now.

To hear what our teens have to say about working moms and SAHMs, click below.

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ashley October 16, 2008, 7:47 AM

My mom was a SAHM until I was a senior in high school. I have 2 younger brothers. One was 16 and the other was 13 when she went back to work. It was great. All she had done since I was born was cook and clean and cart around kids. It was really good for her to get out of the house and do something for herself. It made her happy and she still took great care of us. Cooked dinner every night and still kept a super clean house. It also gave me a little more responsibility, like picking up my little brother and dropping him off places. Right now I am a SAHM. WHen my son was 2 I went back to work and my hubby stayed home with him. Then I got pregnant again and worked until 2 weeks before she was born. So now my son is 6 1/2 and she is 16 1/2 months and I am so grateful I get to be at home with them. I probably will not go back to work until she’s in first grade. Unless I have to.

Gloria  May 18, 2009, 7:59 AM

What is the association of cookies after school? I think at times it sounds patronizing, even if it were Pillsbury cookies, what a far off cry from what a SAHM does. I have never made cookies, except maybe when it was cold outside. I did however keep my house, read plenty, and go to places of interest and come home and prepare a meal. I know there are loads of ways in which cut corners when preparing weekly meals, but what does that again say for SAHM’s? That apparently we can’t dice up next to moms that work, I don’t think either side sees the whole picture. There is a lot of other things that get done, organizing papers, paying bills, attending sporting events with kids, the job then has to be flexible. Many single parents also end up with problems if they don’t have relatives, or other people to help with child care, since school is usually 165 days of the year. It is really a tough road for both those that work, and those that stay at home. Women need more flex time, or a person they pay to provide services and safety to thier children.

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