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OMG! Your Husband Is a Sex Addict!

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What is a sex addict? Licensed marriage and family counselor Shannon Fox clues us in on how to spot it!

David Duchovny recently checked out of rehab after undergoing treatment for sex addiction and Halle Berry's ex Eric Benet was rumored to be one as well. But what exactly is it? We asked momlogic contributor Shannon Fox to help clarify: 

Fox tells us it's important to note there's a difference between a healthy enjoyment of sex and sex addiction. Here are some things to know ... 

Sex addicts usually withdraw from intimacy. Their sexual activity is disconnected, dishonest, or alone. They are ashamed of it. They want to keep it secret. They cannot connect to others well because they would risk becoming close enough with someone that they'd have to deal with the shame...
Want more info? Catch Shannon Fox when she talks to Tyra about sex addiction today!

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