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A Changing Baby = Changing Play!

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Attention, grandmas: Your grandchild is changing fast -- and so is her toy chest!

It seems like it was just yesterday that your grandchild was born. Now she's changing and growing so fast it's hard to keep up! Well, clothes aren't the only thing that she'll need during her many phases of growth.

With each and every stage, your grandchild is developing and becoming more and more capable of doing new things. For example, a two-month-old will kick and wave her arms when she is excited and can learn that one event follows another -- and she can make things happen. Therefore, you want to encourage this new development and there are great toys out there to help their growth, such as a floor gym or activity quilt like the Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies & Lights Deluxe Gym.

All children develop at their own pace and reach developmental milestones at different times. But in general, here are some different stages of play and what you can expect your grandchild to be doing:

Age and Developmental Changes
Toys That are Right for This Age

Four Months:

  • She is interested in people and recognizes those who are familiar to her.
  • She squirms with excitement, squeals and laughs.
  • Coordinating look


  • Take along activity toys
  • Toys with a variety of sounds, bright colors and lights.
  • Hand-Held rattles or toys on a ring


Eight Months:

  • Crawls forward or backward, sometimes while holding an object
  • She is developing small motor skills such as the pincer grasp, used to pick up small objects between the thumb and fingers
  • Your baby is beginning to articulate sounds


  • Musical Toys
  • Entertainment centers that encourage standing and cruising
  • Sorting and building toys
  • Toys with dials, levers and buttons

Twelve Months:

  • She likes other children but does not play with them
  • She imitates actions such as talking on the phone, sweeping and pushing a shopping cart
  • She understands much of what is being said
  • She displays affection (hugs, kisses, pats and smiles)



  • Floor to floor ride-on toys
  • Community Vehicles
  • Neighborhood Vehicles
  • Animal-themed playsets
  • Toy telephones

Eighteen - 24 Months Old

  • She is very mobile -- can walk forward, sideways and backwards and also run
  • She can use her feet to scoot along on a cycle
  • She can put one block on top of another
  • She likes to feel rather than use clay and play-doh and squeezes it in her hands
  • She may have a vocabulary of 50 to 200 words


  • Grow-with-me ride-on toys
  • Cars, trucks, trains and other vehicles
  • Construction and building playsets
  • Wagons
  • Books with different textures and brightly colored pictures
  • Large Crayons
  • Child-sized table and chairs


Whatever stage your grandchild is in, Fisher-Price has just the right toy to encourage growth, learning play, and of course, lots of time with Grandma! Check out for more information on stages of play, great toys and more Grandparenting tips.

*Content of Stages of Play reprinted with permission from the Fisher-Price Website. (C) 2008 Mattel, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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