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Bags Found in River -- Connected to Caylee?

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Divers searching for the remains of Caylee Anthony on Thursday said they discovered a garbage bag held down by two bricks in the bottom of a river in a park in Orlando that reportedly containing small bones and toys.

caylee anthony

But Orange County Sheriff spokesperson Jim Solomons was quick to tell momlogic that the items in the bag "did not appear to be related to the case." The search was led by celebrity bounty hunter Leonard Padilla, whose group found the bag. Padilla, says Solomons, contacted the media before even calling the police when they found the items. "To choose to call a press conference before calling investigators is unthinkable," Solomons says.

Dominic Casey, a P.I. who is working with the Anthony family, agrees. "They have not found a bag with bones -- it appears Leonard Padilla's only motive is to get media attention. They found nothing of significance connected to Caylee Marie or the case. It's just another cruel attempt to cause undue distress to my client."

A rep for the Orange County Jail tells us, "Earlier this afternoon correctional staff reported that during [Casey] Anthony's regular time out of her cell, she was watching off-the-air TV programming when the news came on regarding the developments at Blanchard Park. Therefore, she is aware of the earlier reports related to the search. When correctional staff noticed the nature of the news coverage, they asked Inmate Anthony to return to her cell. I'm told she did so without comment."

Story developing ...

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Anonymous November 13, 2008, 9:23 PM

Here’s hoping Padilla’s not a crook ,and didn’t actually plant the stuff because he wanted to provide “closure” for all the folks distressed by this case…
But please! Is there no way to squeeze the truth out of the Anthonys? Grandma, and Grandpa know they are lying, the audio with the two detectives from way back when proves that. George was so sane, and sober talking to those two cops. Incredible to see him cooperating with that hysteria now, about how Caylee is still alive. Both of the elder Anthonys are well acquainted with the smell of human decomposition from their professional experience…Yet now they keep covering up their own perceived reality with lies. Should they not be held accountable for obstructing the progress of this investigation? I think the media frenzy about this case would be over long ago even if there had been just one straightforward, steady character among the lot of the Anthonys. Are they all enjoying everybody’s frustration and this endless public drama? Were they really so bored with life before all this happened?

j ramsey November 13, 2008, 10:44 PM

I agree Anonymous.

Anonymous November 13, 2008, 11:18 PM

I am sure that he’s not planting anything. I belive that she did it, it may have not been intentional, she could have accidentally killed her, but now even coming forth with that kind of information would bury her for years int he system. If she had come out sooner, she may have only come out of it with child negligence and possibly manslaughter, rather than first degree murder.

stacey November 14, 2008, 12:35 AM

Casey Anthony did not kill that little girl by accident. Anybody should know that by now. That little girl was in her way of living the life she wanted to live. What a sad ending to a precious little life. May anyone and everyone who has lied, or covered up for Casey, face justice at the end of their lives. I feel for the Grandfather of Caylee, I really think he wanted to get the truth out there, and maybe even tried to do so, but I believe after talking to his wife, and the rest of the family, they convinced him otherwise. How odd of him, after being a police officer.
I guess Caylee is an Angel now, and will hopefully be looking down on all of us with the Grace that not alot of people seem to have. May she dance in Heaven, and make our loved ones smile.

Jill from Western Australia November 14, 2008, 1:40 AM

Totally agree with all posts…I hope you all have read what Casey ate on the 12th Nov and seriously realize that Caylee wasn’t given the chance to LIVE let alone EAT!

This “Simpering/Snivelling excuse for a MOTHER does not deserve to purchase luxuries from the Commissionary! Please desist from sending her money!!

I hope Baez will be held in contempt of court for his inappropriate touching!!!

Deb November 14, 2008, 2:10 AM

I am just FURIOUS that the media flaps their mouth BEFORE they even know for sure about ANYthing. I watched the news and in a moments time it went from “Caylee FOUND!” to “Items found not related to Caylee:… What the hell?
They all need to keep their cool if they find anything..stay calm, stay professional and notify the police..NOT the media! Just to be the “first” out with the news, they will shout out the first thing they see…it’s sickening!
What if they said they “found” something, didn’t say a word, and it made Casey so nervous that she starts talking again???? SHUT UP SHUT UP MEDIA- at least give it a few minutes to be f’n verified for god’s sake! sheeesh… I hate to even watch NG anymore, it’s so damn misleading!
Rant over…

golda November 14, 2008, 3:38 AM

I don’t think he planted it either. Tim not wanting Padilla to go down there smells like he didn’t want to take the chance someone else might find Caylee. Tim has been living with all this praise on how great he is for months. His sonar didn’t find anything so he’s mad Padilla did. This whole fighting between parties is nuts. Poor Caylee.
And yes I think the grandparents are obstructing the law.

Sally November 14, 2008, 2:17 PM

I too don’t believe Padilla planted the bag especially since it apparently had nothing to do with the case, according to law enforcement. Tim Miller was out of line for blasting Padilla because he hired divers to search the river. That is his right to keep searching for Caylee’s body while Miller has the right to go search for another missing person. Miller has been changing his mind about searching for Caylee from the beginning. One minute he claims he knows where Caylee’s body is and he is going to search until he finds it and the next minute he is pulling out of the search. Miller seems more concerned about what Cindy Anthony thinks of him than finding Caylee. When Cindy got mad at Miller for saying Caylee was dead, he pulled out of the search. Now Cindy Anthony isn’t mad at him anymore but is mad at Leonard Padilla, suddenly Miller is blasting Padilla and saying “if Caylee is dead, her body may never be found.” This so-called fight between Miller and Padilla is one sided. Even when Miller was badmouthing Padilla on Nancy Grace, Padilla never said a negative word about Miller.

Anonymous November 14, 2008, 2:40 PM

How can you even compare Padilla with Tim Miller. Let’s get some facts straight first. Tim Miller founded his NOT-FOR-PROFIT group after his own child was kidnapped and murdered and he personnally is not making a single dime from this. Sure, his group is getting a lot of publicity but this only enables Miller to provide free searches for other families of missing children. In other words, the benficiaries of Tim Miller’s publicity will be other families of missing children. Padilla, on the other hand, runs a FOR-PROFIT bail bond business and he even started a website on this case and is charging a $9.95 monthly membership fee. The only one who may benefit from Padilla’s publicity is Padilla himeslef. It’s clear to most clear-headed people that Tim Miller’s motives are pure and just. It’s also clear to most people that Padilla is in this just for the pubilicity and money.

Rita November 14, 2008, 3:10 PM

My comments are that I believe that the Tot Mom has been killing this little child Caylee for months. When responding to friends when they would ask her, where is Caylee? She would respond “She is with the baby-sitter, named ZANI. Well that could have been the relaxer pills given for anxiety to adults, called ZANEX. And one time too many she could not wake her up so she cloriphormed her and dumped in the lake they are searching in now and she has been alligator bait and they will never find her. God rest her little soul and may the Good Lord forgive her Mom.

Anonymous November 14, 2008, 3:24 PM

Rita, chloroform is typically used to render someone unconscious. If Caylee was being sedated with Xanax or some other drug and she was unconscious already, there is no need nor benefit to using choloroform. I think you are right that Casey was sedating Caylee prior to the death but I think she was using home made cholorform to do it.

Sally November 14, 2008, 3:41 PM

I think it is Leonard Padilla who is going to find Caylee Anthony’s body because he is not going to give up. Tim Miller will be off searching for other bodies in other states. Who cares whether Padilla is doing it for publicity if he gets the job done.

lin jaynes November 14, 2008, 3:46 PM

I have a loving ,bright daughter who has tried for ten year’s to conceive a child & finally was able to & lost her twins when they were four month’s in utero, every christmas the date they would have been born is a sad time for us all. how can someone throw away a child ? my daughter & or me would walk over hot coal’s to find a baby /or young child to adopt & adore,there simply aborted,this child is with the angel’s. All we can do is pray for her sweet soul.

Justice4Caylee November 14, 2008, 4:01 PM

I agree with Sally. LP is at least still searching for Caylee. Who cares the reason. What if he finds her… then our little angel can be put to rest and America can have closure. Caylee needs to be found.. does it matter by who or what the reason they are searching??

FINDCAYLEE November 14, 2008, 5:23 PM

This needs to stop. Poor Caylee, what the hell did she do wrong to die (if she is)???? Bless her little heart. For Casey, she killed her own daughter! JUST ADMIT IT CASEY!!! You killed your daughter! They found Chlorofil (I know I spelled it wrong) in the car, parts of Caylee’s hair. YOU KILLED AN INNOCENT LITTLE GIRL. YOU MAKE ME SICK, HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT???? Find Caylee and if she is found dead, she is now an angel in heaven 0:) But if she is found alive, she is a very strong little girl! Bless Caylee’s little heart

Anonymous November 14, 2008, 7:59 PM

You Padilla fans are sheep! He’s not searching for Caylee at all - he hasn’t speant a single dime searching for her. The divers are providing their services free (pro bono) and they have no affiliation with Padilla, who likes to show his face and associate himself with the real professionals. It was Miller’s organization who funded the entire search and his funds are NOT unlimited so he MUST stop looking at some point. Padilla won’t find anything because he doesn’t have any actual information other than what the rest of us have and hear on the news. Every single one of his hunches has been 180 degrees wrong. On day one he was convinced of Casey’s innocence, and that he would find the child within 2 weeks. Wrong. Then he was convinced she drowned in the pool. Wrong. Then he was convinced Caylee was dumped in the dumpster. Wrong. Now he claims to be convinced she’s in the lake. Wrong. These divers volunteered to search and Padilla is simply a hanger-on trying to milk it for more publicity. Padilla has not and will not will find anything useful related to this case. In fact now he’s hindering the investigation, requiring law enforcement to divert resources and attention to conduct a polygraph on him!!! Baaaaahhhhh baaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh sheep, baaaaahhhhhhh.

anonymous November 18, 2008, 4:57 PM

dig up the patio

betty November 26, 2008, 2:36 PM

casey is too smart to place the body with the phone on.dear god her dads a cop.the woods were a man saw her with the red hat and a shovel by her car. was they a ping on her phone then.was that man her brother.grandma knows were that baby is she help.i feel this.
or maybe july 4 she in the yard under the cement patio please don’t give up.

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