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Bullying is GOOD for Kids

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Guest blogger Mom De Plume: Is a schoolyard bully necessarily a bad thing?


My daughter is in preschool and doing very well. She gets along with other kids and has even cultivated a "best friend" who I'm told she pals around with much of the day. I am so happy with the school and the teachers.

Recently one of the teachers pulled me aside and told me there was one child in the class who was hitting and biting the other kids. "Has he hit my daughter?" I asked, concerned. "Yes, a couple times today" she said. "He hits all the kids." All the time. He's becoming a problem.  My first instinct was to be upset, I glared at the little tow-headed culprit across the room. He was playing blocks on the floor. He looked harmless enough.

I looked back at my daughter and asked her what she did when that boy hit her. Did she cry? "No I didn't!" she said bravely. "I said NO I don't like that!" she demonstrated, holding her tiny little hand in a "stop" position.

Looked good to me. Like she was handling herself just fine. Way better than I handled stuff like that when I was I kid. I was always a wreck -- kids picked on me constantly and I was quick with the tears. Could it be that a preschool bully could benefit my child?

I've always noticed my friends who routinely got beat up by their older siblings were the scrappiest. One woman I know has five older brothers. She doesn't take sh*t from anyone. Unfortunately, my daughter won't benefit from any sibling rivalry, being an only child.

The other day the preschool teacher told me the little tough guy was going to another school. It seems the school had enough of the kid's aggressive behavior and he had been essentially expelled.  When I heard the news, I have to admit I was just a little bit sad. I want her to learn to stand up to people -- but what if there's no one around to stand up to?

Do you think a LITTLE bit of bullying is good for a kid?

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Anonymous April 7, 2009, 11:56 PM

I’m not going to lie, I was bullied in pre-school, and I do think it was good for me. It taught me that you really cannot get your feelings hurt by every single little comment someone makes (and that nose picking is completely unacceptable in public:)
Sure, it wasn’t always fun, but I’m now a strong, confident, non-nose picking woman. At the very least, I wasn’t harmed by it.

Raychel Harrah May 11, 2009, 2:51 PM

No, bullying dose not help childdren to take up for themselfs. As a 8th grader of William James Middle School, I think you should remote yourselfs to my point of few because I am a young adult, and I know from exp. that bullying only hurts and humiliates children. I can remember the time my mother haveing to come to my elementry school and pick me up early because I was pushed down and kick, spat at, and gotten name calling i didnt know of at the time.
And parents you have to remember not all teachers care that your child is being bullyed. Thats what the issue was for me, when I was being bullied i was pushed down right infrount of the teachers and they didnt care. They didnt stop them.
All Im trying to say is that bullying dose not help children stick up for bullies, but the bullying its self is what’s causeing kids to feel humiliated.

vnhs student September 24, 2009, 9:43 AM

NO!!!! It’s not good because kids won’t want togo to school!! :(

kelly  September 24, 2009, 9:49 AM

no bullying is very BAD!!!! I would have never have bullied anyone! *_*

Hayley Tumbriler September 9, 2010, 9:46 AM

I dont Think Allright For Any KiD

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