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Mom: Cage Fighting for Kids is OK!

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One Missouri mom defends her decision to allow her children to participate in controversial new sport.

More and more Missouri kids are battling in cage fights, reports CNN. Momlogic talks to one mom who sees no problem with this ... and is proud that her son is a cage fighter.

Mom•Logic: How did you and your kids get involved with cage fighting?

Jennifer: My kids have been wrestling for years. This year, they learned about kids' cage fighting and wanted to do it. I had no idea what it was, so I was a little nervous. But my husband said they could do it if they wanted to. We trusted their coach, and we were assured that the kids wear protective gear. There is a weight class so the kids are within 10-15 lbs of each other, and there is an age class so they are within a year of each other.

The cage is two to three feet off the floor, like a boxing ring, and it's protected for safety. The floor has give or bounce. There are springs that pop, giving off a cool and loud noise as the kids hit the floor. The crowd gets excited when the kids hit the floor because it makes an echo sound, and it's awesome.

Mom•Logic: Are you concerned about the safety of your three kids?

Jennifer: I was extremely nervous at first. The kids' first fight was the first one I ever attended, so I didn't really know what to expect. But now that I know what it is and how many precautions are taken, I don't have any safety concerns. At any point, the referee has the discretion to stop the match if a child is in harm's way. I haven't seen any kids get hurt because it's stopped before it becomes a safety issue.

Mom•Logic: How do you feel about daughter doing this?

Jennifer: I like it because it helps her with self-defense. I don't have to worry about her as much now, or when she gets older. If she was on a date and something was to happen, she can defend herself and I don't have to worry.

Mom•Logic: Have you heard criticism from others?

Jennifer: I have heard criticism. I think before people criticize or judge this sport, they should attend a practice or match to see how hard the kids work, train, and how much protective gear they wear. Then they will see the sport from a different point of view, and they will probably come to like it. They'll realize that kids cage fighting is not as dangerous as they think.

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anon November 13, 2008, 8:13 PM

Just about any physical activity or sport is good for kids. It doesn’t appear to be any more dangerous than wrestling or football but I would like to see the kids wearing helmets. After all, a bump on the head of small child can be life threatening. Besides that my only other concern would be that the kids are taught discipline and appropriate use of the skills that they learn in the ring, much like what’s taught in martial arts.

Robbin November 14, 2008, 12:10 PM

What needs to be considered is not just the physical health of those involved, but the emotional health. I own a martial arts school, as well as being a rape crisis line counselor and studying cultural influences on interpersonal violence. Aggressive sports such as cage fighting teach young men that violence is an acceptable expression of physical and emotional frustration. While I hear the argument that it is just a sport, don’t shut down and fail to consider the validity of the other side of the argument. There is not a balance, a conscious recognition and instruction of healthy attitudes toward the responsible use of violence. We are too desensitized to violence as a society that we tend to ignore these very real consequences, and are in danger of raising generations of young men who think of fighting as “normal” and “sport.” The fighters on tv make fun of each other for being “wimpy,” and call themselves “warriors” when they take no such risks as these historial heroes. Find a copy of “Tough Guise” or “Wrestling with Manhood” to see how these dynamics play out, and become a positive voice in the evolution of our species!

clusterdevils April 4, 2011, 11:15 AM

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