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Casey Anthony Fires Back at Nanny

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The mother of missing Florida toddler Caylee Anthony is countersuing a woman who filed a defamation lawsuit against her for naming her as the child's kidnapper.

casey anthony

Casey Anthony, 22, filed a counter lawsuit against Orlando resident Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez, after Gonzalez sued her days earlier for saying she was the baby sitter Anthony left then 2-year-old Caylee with when she vanished.

Anthony is jailed on first-degree murder and other charges in the disappearance of her little girl, who police presume is dead. Investigators don't believe her story that she left Caylee with Gonzalez, and have released evidence they say proves Anthony killed her.

Anthony's attorney Jose Baez countersued Gonzalez Friday on the grounds that her lawsuit is "frivolous" and simply a publicity stunt by her lawyer.

Baez says Gonzalez filed her litigation "to harass and embarrass" Anthony, and her attorney John Morgan is attempting to "generate publicity for his law firm."

Gonzalez formally sued Anthony, saying that she was wrongfully accused of kidnapping Caylee and the information Anthony gave to police was "done with malice." She said she has never met Anthony or her family.

A spokesman for Casey's attorney says the woman who filed suit isn't the woman Casey left Caylee with.

"The Zenaida Gonzalez that Ms. Anthony was referring to drove a different car; she had a different name and she had less [sic] children than the plaintiff has," the counter claim says. "In Orange County, Florida, alone, there are more than 20 listings for a Zenaida Gonzalez, and the plaintiff cannot prove that she has been defamed."

When shown a photo of the Zenaida Gonzalez who is suing her, Anthony said it wasn't the woman she left Caylee with, according to the countersuit. Anthony is seeking damages of more than $15,000, along with attorney fees and court costs.

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Yvonne November 18, 2008, 5:59 PM

YOU STUPID BIT*H. YOu said Zenaida did not have any kids in your police interview. Now she had less? PSYHCO

Charlee November 18, 2008, 7:22 PM

What is next! Casey Anthony should have no countersuit. It was only because of Casey Anthony’s lies that this woman, Zenaida Gonzalez had problems. This is the only Zenaida Gonzalez that ever even looked at the Sawgrass apartments. Oh my, Casey Anthony is a Psycho All I hear is LIES LIES LIES AND MORE LIES!!!!!

Linda November 18, 2008, 7:41 PM

What I cannot understand in this case, is how far will attorney go for a client. A client that has no money to pay?
The Anthony’s should have to pay Zenaida
I don’t care if there are 300 Zenaida’s. This is the lady that has gone through hell, and I doubt that she is back yet because of ” Casy”!
It seems as if she is more interested in
everything involving this case, except
finding her child.
I would think her attorney would not play into this junk that she keeps throwing around!

Nicole November 19, 2008, 1:46 PM

Well when the whole Zenaida story came about it was stated that the police showed a picture of this women to Casey and she stated it was not the Zenaida she was referring to. She was questioned and cleared immediately and that was stated time and time again through the media. All of a sudden now..she wants to sue Casey…come on.

Meeps November 19, 2008, 4:51 PM

Casey should definitely be sued for ruining this ladies name and her life. Casey , when shown the picture of her had to deny it because she didn’t know how to say what Zenaida looked like since she didn’t know what any lady with this name looked like. And this crazy psycho is getting money from dumb people who are like she is stupid, why help this sick person, when they could have fed some homeless person with the money they sent her to buy snacks and lingerie with. Let’s start thinking people, a murdering mom should have no special treatment for killing her child, help some of the poor single mom’s who love their children, help buy them food and clothes for their chiildren. Casey should be made to fell less special

Sally November 21, 2008, 4:15 PM

I would hate to have the name Zenaida Gonzalez and live in Orlando. Of course, Zenaida Gonzalez will have a cloud of suspicion over her head, especially since she filled out an application for the same apartment at Sawgrass where Casey Anthony said she last left Caylee with a Zenaida Gonzalez during the same time period police that Caylee disappeared. It is puzzling that police believe Caylee was dead and decomposing in Casey’s trunk on June 17, the day Zenaida filled out that application. Casey stayed with friends at Sawgrass so she knew the apartment was vacant. I believe Casey killed Caylee on June 16 and went to the Sawgrass Apartments office on June 17 to fill out an application for the vacant apartment at Sawgrass since with Caylee gone she couldn’t go back to her parents’ house. I believe the office was empty when Casey went in to apply for the apartment because the leasing agent was showing the apartment to Zenaida Gonzalez. I believe Zenaida’s application was sitting on the desk, Casey saw the application, memorized the name and left without anyone seeing her. Casey then told the police the name Zenaida Gonzalez for the imaginary nanny she claimed kidnapped Caylee. If the judge finds Zenaida lost her job and can’t get work because employers believe Zenaida might be involved with the disappearance of Caylee, she may win the lawsuit. But what will she win? Casey is broke and if Casey goes to prison for the rest of her life, Zenaida won’t get a cent. Zenaida’s attorney, however, will get his name in the newspaper and that will generate more clients for him. Zenaida can’t pay her attorney a cent if she is jobless, penniless and homeless with six kids to feed.

Nellie November 26, 2008, 8:56 AM

I’d like to see how Casey is going to get around this one with all of her lies and finger pointing. She’d have to get up pretty early in the morning to get the Judge to believe her lies. Judges are pretty smart people and they know when someone is making up a story. Casey your in for a real roller coaster ride. That jail house door is going to be slamming hard to make sure you never get out.

iris March 5, 2009, 10:00 AM

we should all pray for this family no matter what. because i would not like to walk in their footsteps. would you?

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