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When Caylee Was Missing, Casey Got Inked

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What did Casey do when her daughter was missing? She hit the tattoo parlor.

casey anthony tattoo

The witness list for the prosecution in the first-degree murder trial of Casey Anthony was released earlier this week. On the list, of course, are Anthony's family, friends, former friends ... and several tattoo artists.

Lance White, an employee of Cast Iron Tattoos in Orlando, Florida, told momlogic that on July 2, -- more than two weeks after Caylee was last seen -- Casey had the words "Bella Vida," meaning the good life, tattooed on her left shoulder. Lindsey Lohan has the same words tattooed on her lower back. 

Bobby Williams, also called as a witness, was the artist who gave Casey the tattoo. He told momlogic the exact piece of paper he drew the tattoo on is gone: "The detectives came and took the drawings." Last year, Williams gave Anthony a clover tattoo on her lower back as well. All of the employees of Cast Iron Tattoos remember meeting Caylee, who Casey brought to the parlor that day. "She was a cute little girl," Williams says. Williams said he couldn't believe the woman who seemed so relaxed and happy during that tattooing session, now says she was desperately searching for Caylee.

Last week, a clover became significant in the Anthony saga when Leonard Padilla claimed there was a clover medallion in the bag pulled from a local river. According to the Orange County Sheriffs department, his discovery was not related to the case.

Although the "Bella Vida" tattoo took less than an hour to complete, Casey talked about Caylee during the procedure. "She told Danny [Knight], the owner of the Cast Iron Tattoos, that Caylee was with her nanny at Sea World or at Universal Studios," White says.

"The fact that Casey acted like any normal customer that day," remarks White, "only goes to show you never know who has some kind of skeletons in their closet." Later, when the studio was contacted about the charges against Anthony, White remembers all the employees were shocked. "She acted like nothing was going on."  

As for how the men of Cast Iron Tattoos feel about possibly being called to the witness stand, they're not really fazed. "They've been asking us questions since August," White says. But when asked if he thinks Casey is guilty of murder, the father of two, hesitates, "It's up in the air -- she let her child go missing that long. That's her flesh and blood."

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Mer November 20, 2008, 10:29 PM

Very interesting!!Mer

Jill from Western Australia November 22, 2008, 2:21 AM

I hope they did HAIR FOLLICLE tests on Casey…this would prove WHY she stole from everyone…& hopefully prove that she killed her Caylee…

If any of the Anthony’s lips are moving…then they are LYING…I truly hope that Casey will be put in “General Population” where she will get what she deserves!!!

Today I released blue balloons for my stillborn grandson Jake who would have been 2 today…I also sent a prayer for Caylee..sad that Casey doesn’t care!!!!

bethany November 27, 2008, 2:42 AM

bella vida..
on her shoulder after telling
the guy caylee was at seaworld with her nanny? AFTER two weeks she was missing?

that thing needs to burn in HEll for what she has done to a litle girl that
all has done was love her.

no matter what whenever someone “kills somone” cause they wanted to be happier.

their not ganna be happier cause EVERYONE GETS CAUGHT !
so theirs absoltly no point of killing ppl.


Joleen Eracleo December 20, 2010, 7:25 AM

bulky almanac you include

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