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12 Things I'm Thankful for This Year

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Guest blogger Paul Starke: As I approach my first Thanksgiving as a Dad (not counting Canadian Thanksgiving, which was in October), I've begun to reflect on all the things for which I'm grateful this year. Not on the list: going to my wife's high school reunion in Boston next week, during which I'm likely to get roughed up by someone named "Sully." In any case, here are "12 Things I'm Thankful For This Year."


1 Pacifiers - So much loudness and chaos is solved by these tiny plastic miracles. I'd love to stick them in so many people other than my son.

2) Children's Tylenol - After seeing how much it helped Luke after he got his shots, I started putting about a half bottle in my Starbucks every morning; it's like going to a Phish show.

3) Alone time in the bathroom - Those precious moments alone in the bathroom, perusing US Weekly or a Best Buy catalog, are the only times I'm not bothered by anyone. Sometimes I just lock myself in there even if nothing's happening "down there" -- just for a few seconds of solace

4) Fantasy Football - This last shred of my former, childless self reminds me every Sunday how much time I used to waste on frivolous pursuits. It's so awesome.

5) TiVo - While attending to a massive baby turd at 4am, at least I can catch up on my stories!

6) Nicorette - If you ever thought you couldn't combine the yummy brain hug of a cigarette with the responsibility of caring for a baby, Nicorette will prove you wrong.

7) I guess my parents and in-laws - Because they'd be pissed if they weren't on this list.

8) Our nanny - Without her amazing wisdom and abilities, it's a good bet Luke would be in foster care by now.

9) My health - The bulk of my post-baby diet has included at least one of the following: caramel, chili, McNuggets. I'm truly thankful that I'm not deceased yet.

10) I don't work on Wall Street - My decision not to apply myself in high school and college is looking pretty darn clever now...

11)My wife - Not only are her parenting skills so naturally incredible, but each day she resists the understandable urge to take the baby and leave in the middle of the night.

12) My son - Before I got married and had a kid, I used to say "Why the hell would anybody want to do that?!" Countless times a day, Luke gives me the answer.

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Sonia  November 22, 2008, 9:47 PM

Im thankful for god bringing alittle angel to my life

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