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My family's political fights get so bad, sometimes we don't speak to each other for days.

family arguing

Momlogic's Talitha: This year is bound to be especially tense at my house for Thanksgiving -- with Barack Obama being elected and all. My family is divided in two very strong (and aggressive) ways: the super liberal versus the ultra conservative. The arguing gets heated, with one naming off facts and the other crying about an issue they are passionate about. Even though we hardly see each other, we always end up fighting and being mad at each other for days, Later on, we regretfully call each other saying: "We really shouldn't do that next year. We never see each other and we love each other."

When next year comes around, it happens again. I don't want to be part of it this year -- I don't want to have regrets, so I thought I'd get prepared on how to handle controversy that is bound to occur in my family. I spoke to family therapist Rosanne Toby  who gave me some helpful insight on how to stay calm and collected at the dinner table.

1. Make an agreement not to discuss it beforehand. Call everyone in the family and remind them what happened last year and say you want this year to be peaceful.

2.Treat your family like the public. If it's a topic that is automatically going to lend itself to disagreement, so why go there?

3. Take responsibility. Make sure there IS no casual exchange when politics are brought up.

4. Should your family bring it up, choose not to participate. Try not to engage and eventually the conversation will die down.

5. Holidays are not a time to have political discussions. Change the subject to something else.

6. If you are the instigator: Talk to yourself before dinner. What is most important: family peace this holiday or being right?

7.The only one you can be responsible for is you. If your family fights, stay out of it, and you won't have regrets.

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