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Daylight Savings Helps Your Heart

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A new study says daylight savings affects our health.

daylight savings alarm clock

Turning your clock back one hour tonight for the end of daylight saving time could be good for your heart.

There's a 5% drop in heart attack deaths and hospitalizations the day after clocks are reset each year to standard time, according to a new study published in the "New England Journal of Medicine."

And the reverse is true too - the study also showed the onset of daylight-saving time in the spring increases the risk of heart attacks.

Why is your health affected by Father Time?

Scientists say sleep deprivation is bad for the heart, and the body responds by boosting blood pressure, heart rate and the odds of forming dangerous clots -- but no one realized that just one hour could have such a profound effect.

The typical number of heart attacks on an autumn Monday was 2,140, but that fell to an average of 2,038 on the Monday after daylight-saving time ended -- a 5 percent decline.

In the spring, the number of heart attacks spiked on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after daylight savings time began.

Don't forget to set your clocks for a healthy heart!

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