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How to Flirt...With Your Husband

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Flirt alert: How to keep the romance alive in your relationship.

Couple Sitting Face to Face and Holding Hands

Admit it: You flirt with your cute doctor, most firemen, and that shoe-repair guy who vaguely resembles Josh Brolin when you squint. Time to use those flirting skills on someone closer to home! (And we're not talking about the mailman.) Dr. Jane Greer, a marriage and family therapist in New York City and host of the radio show Doctor On Call, has a few how-tos. (Wink, wink.)

Be thoughtful. "Do something nice that you know he'll appreciate--something you wouldn't normally think of," advises Greer. "Like, if you know he hates it when you leave papers laying around, pick them up and make a cute remark like, 'I'm doing this just for you. I want to make you happy, honey!'"

Display whatever body part is his favorite. "If it's your boobs, wear a low-cut top," says Greer. "If it's your legs, wear a short skirt. Then call his attention to it in a playful way, so he knows you've done it deliberately just to turn him on. Flirting like this will make him feel dynamic, desirable, confident. It's the match that ignites the sexual flow of energy between you."

Move together. "Ask him to take an evening walk with you, or to dance with you for a few minutes when you're both getting ready in the morning," suggests Greer. "Having your bodies move in unison will enhance your physical connection."

Be affectionate. "This sounds obvious, but I know many couples who never even tell each other, 'I love you,'" notes Greer. "When you're busy, little gestures of affection get lost. So start with the basics: Kiss him and tell him you love him when you part in the morning, then kiss him and tell him you've missed him as soon you see him again at night. Sometime during the day, call and tell him, 'I can't wait to see you.' Compliment him whenever possible. Positive words of love are like little packages of sexual energy that make you both feel good and desired. They send the message: 'I want you.'"

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