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Is Your Child Ready for City-Style Sightseeing?

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Guest blogger Luisa Frey: How to tell if your kid is ready for a staycation.

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Part of the beauty of a staycation is seeing your own backyard through a tourists' eyes. That said, dragging a little one around a nearby city to see the sights can possibly wear thin after a few hours if you don't have a hotel to run back to for down time. Here are some questions to ask yourself prior to tackling such a trip as well as some strategies to survive -- and actually enjoy -- it!


• Does my child need a daily nap?
If your child still needs a nap, then city-style sightseeing will be challenging especially if it's staycation style, meaning there's no hotel to run back to for down time.

• Does my child thrive on stimulation?
Most cities are hubs of action which many children will find stimulating. However, if your child is a bit timid, they may not embrace the fast pace of city sightseeing.

• Will my child take a bribe?!?
Bribery will get you...everywhere! There's nothing wrong with bribing your child with a favorite edible treat once they earned their stars for adult-style sightseeing.


• Do your homework
Kids don't have a lot of patience so make sure you have a well-researched plan prior to leaving your house in regards to: the best parking for easy access to the sights you plan to see; opening times of attractions; and possible lunch eateries.

• My choice, your choice
Kids like to feel they have some control over new situations. So let them choose one thing they'd like to see or do while sightseeing. However, make sure your family visits your pick first, prior to theirs. That way, the kids will be less tired and more receptive during your choice. Plus, you can bribe them (can you tell that we think bribery is key when traveling with kids?!) by promising they'll get to visit their choice if they behave at yours!

• Make your headliner attraction one that your child is passionate about
When it's your child's turn to choose what to see and do, you may want to give them choices that include something they are passionate about. This can range from a hands-on science museum for budding Einsteins or a short tour of an art museum for future Picassos.

Do your kids enjoy sightseeing?

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