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Is Your Stroller Safe?

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From theft, that is. How is it people park expensive strollers at places like Disneyland yet no one walks off with them. Is there some sort of mom code?

julie I'd say there is a definite "mom code" when it comes to strollers. But I tend not to leave expensive equipment like digital cameras or video cameras in the strollers (or my purse) when we are on rides.
rachel In today's day and age there's no such thing as a mom code. People will say, do and steal just about anything! It's called "living on the edge" when one chooses to leave their camera and wallet-filled strollers at Disneyland. When you're hot, hungry and over Mickey -- safety becomes the last thing one worries about. It's about convenience, getting in line fast and managing the kids. So, I guess there is a code -- I am a mom -- I will park my stroller where I want -- everyone else leave it alone or karma will get you.
jill Yes, there is a mom code that says you don't mess with someone else's stroller. You just don't. Moms don't mess with other moms' stuff.
andrea.jpg I hate the idea of leaving my stroller in those stroller areas but when you're not allowed to bring them in, your hands are tied. I left my brand new stroller outside at a museum and it made me uneasy the entire time. Now it is so old and damaged, I doubt anyone would want it.
annie I trust that no mom wants to deal with my kid's slobber -- and that's why they won't snag my stroller. I wouldn't want theirs!

Do you leave your stroller unattended? Is there really a mom code?

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Anonymous November 13, 2008, 3:48 PM

I leave my double stroller parked wherever and it’s always untouched. But I make sure there are more expensive ones there first so mine is less desirable. ;)

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