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Let the Kids Fight!

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Guest blogger Karyn Bryant: It's not something you often hear a woman say, but I love watching fights. I don't want my daughter to be a boxer, (only because I'd hate for her cute face to get hit!) but if I had a son, I wouldn't be afraid of letting him mix it up.

kid with boxing gloves

I know from first-hand accounts that boxing is a sport that teaches individuals myriad things about themselves. So why do so many moms tell me that they are afraid to let their kids get involved?

I'm from Massachusetts, where hockey is quite popular, and I even helped found the girls team at my high school. But hockey is an often ferocious sport. High-sticking and checking have caused countless lost teeth and broken bones, but no one's calling for that sport's demise. Let's be honest: Hockey is a sport for people with money. The equipment, ice time and occasional medical bills don't come free. I think it's elitist to dismiss boxing as brutal. It's not a walk in the park, granted, but they do have rules and regulations. Professional boxers often come from poor or working-class families, but for less than $20 they can get some gloves and turn their life around at the YMCA. Young men have literally fought their way out of poverty. Who can't relate to that? Why the heck do you think they made five Rocky movies?

Maybe it's because we live in uncertain times that I'm even more drawn to physical combat. When I watch political punditry I often want to scream and punch the TV. Don't you? And we moms know what we would do if someone were threatening our baby: We'd open up a serious can of whoop-ass, right? So don't be a hater. If your kid wants to fight, let him or her give it a try. They may not be as popular as "Hockey Moms," but the boxing moms I know are pretty cool ladies.

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Cassandra March 4, 2009, 7:47 PM

I completely agree with you! How is boxing any different than tackling on the football field. For that matter I have two boys and while I don’t want them to be bullies, I don’t want them to be bullied either. My husband constantly rough houses with the boys and teaches them to be tough, but we also explain to them that they are never to start a fight and that they should try to talk it out before jumping into a fight.

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