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Mom, Why's My Room a Home Gym?

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How to deal when your college kid visits for Thanksgiving.

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You sent your college kid away in September, and now she's coming home for her first visit. Are you ready? Dr. Lane Neubauer, associate dean of counseling services at La Salle University and mom of two college-age kids, says there are some key things moms should keep in mind.

• Ask your child in advance if there are any changes you need to be prepared for -- like a new tattoo or piercing. That way, you won't be blindsided.
• If you've turned your child's bedroom into a yoga retreat, warn her before she walks through the door.
• Talk about your expectations beforehand. Discuss things like curfews, chores, and use of the car.

Finally, Dr. Neubauer says it's important to remember that your child has been living on her own for months. Your ultimate goal now is "to relate to one another as adult to adult," she concludes. Gulp. Probably easier said than done, but certainly worth a try. (And if you get stressed, there's always that yoga retreat to escape to.)

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