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Mommy Traditions

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Mom Logic's Jenny: The "Birthday Party" park. Movies on Christmas. Playing dress up. Just some of the traditions my mom and I had as a child. But I often wonder if what my own child will remember? What traditions have I created... if any....?

mom and daughter

When I think of Christmas, I think of two things: my mom and movies. Growing up, my mom and I had a tradition of seeing movies on Christmas. It was our day. Sometimes other people would join, but sometimes it was just us and I loved it. But the other night, as I was rushing around getting my 13-month old ready for "bath, bottle, bedtime mode," it occurred to me that this is what will be etched in my son's memory: the day to day stuff. Will he only remember me leaving for work? Or remember me handing him Cheerios as I microwave his peas?

As I put him to sleep and sang our nightly song, I wondered if (other than the song), there are things I can start to do that will stay with him forever -- traditions that he will always equate with me.

"The Secret's" Lisa Nichols knows how hard it is to balance work and family. She tells momlogic "During my busy evenings, I scheduled a 30-minute break every evening to lay down and play the 'imagineering' game where we would look up at the ceiling and he would start a story and I would add to it then he would add another piece and I would add yet another part of the story until we reached the end of a 7-10 minute very entertaining story. This was a ritual, that my son could rely on every evening. If I were in the middle of a project with an intense deadline or on a conference call, they would have to allow me 'our' thirty minutes. He knew this was his time and I felt good giving it to him."

For the working mom, Lisa suggests allowing your child into your space: "Find ways to have your child in your space, give them small but very important jobs so that you have more share time. The average parent spends less than 20 minutes a day of focused share time with their children, find a way to beat that. Remember that when the years have passed, you will not remember the reports or the articles or even the promotions."

Do you have a memory or a mommy tradition of your own that you'd like to share? Tell us in our momlogic Community!

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