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My Marriage is a Game Show!

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Momlogic's Jenny: The other night, as my husband and I watched the "The Amazing Race," I turned to him and said, "We would do so horribly on this show." "Oh, I know," he agreed. "We would never survive."

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It's true. If we were contestants on that show, we would be eliminated in the first episode. We would be bickering and arguing over every last thing -- we'd never even make to the pit stop. He'd be driving too slow ... I'd be divulging too much to other contestants ... He'd be looking for the wrong clue ... I would some how get injured ... It'd be a complete disaster.

Thinking about how my marriage would hold up on a race around the world got me thinking ... If my marriage were a reality game show, would we survive? Well, judging by the list below, I'd say we are a pretty solid team ...

1) "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?": Uh, we both do. Survive.

2) "Hell's Kitchen": Have you seen our kitchen? Survive.

3) "Last Comic Standing": Humor gets us through everything. Survive.

4) "Meet my Folks": I have. And I still like him. Survive.

5) "Temptation Island": I don't think either one of us would know what to do with all the attention from the opposite sex, except laugh about it together like school girls. Survive.

6) "Deal or No Deal": Compromising and Negotiations? Me. Money and Hot Girls? Him. Survive.

7) "Joe Schmo": I don't know. I think we identify more with Joe Schmo than Joe the Plumber. Survive.

8) "Project Runway": Marriage is all about "making it work." Survive.

9) "Don't Forget the Lyrics": Hmm. Why not? He's forgotten to do do everything else. Survive.

10) "Wife Swap": Need I say more?

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