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Paula Deen's Top 5 Thanksgiving Recipes

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Paula Deen's favorite family recipes.

There's no doubt Paula Deen wants to make this the most memorable Thanksgiving meal of your life. The superstar southern chef tells momlogic that it doesn't take much to make the most of your meal, just some tried and true good old fashioned family recipes. So make room on the table and loosen up that belt buckle. Paula says these are the must haves that'll have your guests coming back for seconds well as thirds!

Turkey - The main attraction of any Thanksgiving meal. Follow Paula's recipe for the juiciest and tastiest turkey you've ever tasted. Click here for Paula's recipe.
Southern Cornbread Stuffing - Forget the store bought variety. You'll never go back to boxed stuffing after you try Paula's spin on the Thanksgiving staple. Click here for Paula's recipe.
Giblet Gravy - Make sure to put a whole lotta bread on you shopping list. Your guests will be sopping up this giblet gravy like there's no tomorrow. Click here for Paula's recipe.
Green Beans and New Potatoes - Even the kids will be thankful for these spectacularly savory veggies. Click here for Paula's recipe.
Baked Sweet Potatoes With Butter and Brown Sugar - You won't even miss the marshmallows -- these potatoes are rich and rewarding. Click here for Paula's recipe.

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