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It's the Day Before the Election!

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Guest blogger Ronda Kaysen: If you don't get off on voting, have no fear -- the folks at Babeland are doling out Maverick sleeves (get it) and mini vibrators to voters who swing by one of their sex shops on Tuesday. Starbucks is giving away coffee. Or you could get a free donut at Krispy Kreme. Now we just need someone to give away cigarettes and booze and we'll have all our vices covered.

obama and mccain

The Polls. With one day to go, most Americans have finally made up their minds. Only a scant 3 percent of voters take more than 20 months to make a decision. The consensus? It's looking like an Obama blowout. After a week of McCain gaining on Obama in the national polls, Obama has sprinted ahead again and is up by double digits in several polls. He's holding onto a comfortable lead in the battleground states that Kerry won in 2004 and is ahead by a point or two in a half dozen of the states Bush won in 2004. Put the numbers together and if you're an Obama supporter, you can probably put the champagne in the fridge.

On Obama's Trail. Barack and 80,000 Clevelanders listened to Bruce Springsteen croon "This Land is Your Land" last night. Even though he's leading in the polls, Obama is begging his supporters to show up on Tuesday. Obama staffers, meanwhile, are turning to superstition. His campaign manager stopped shaving and boy wonder David Axelrod is clutching a piece of quartz. Whatever works.

On McCain's Trail. McCain is hitting seven states today in a final push to keep Obama "right where we want him." In Pennsylvania, his campaign is resurrecting Jeremiah Wright in a last ditch effort to remind voters of Obama's freaky preacher man. The Boston Globe wonders what a McCain cabinet might look like. And Sarah Palin is heading back to Alaska tonight to vote.

The Big Night. It's going to be a rowdy one. If you live in Chicago, brace yourself. The mayor expects a staggering 1 million people to descend on the city for Obama's election night bash at Grant Park. Cops are preparing for election night riots in major cities across the country. And John McCain is wondering when he can go to bed early again.

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Anonymous November 3, 2008, 5:20 PM

i woid to see how is wind

AK Mom November 3, 2008, 6:41 PM

“Cops are preparing for election night riots in major cities across the country” ??? So let me get this right… If Obama loses the election it’s not because his supporters didn’t show up to vote or because when it comes time to make a choice people simply like McCains plans over Obama’s… No that couldn’t possibly be it…It must be because the election was stolen from Obama and the people who didn’t vote for him must be racist and now we have to prepare our major cities for the possibility of riots?!?!?!
The article sited in the ML article also says that if Obama wins there could riots similar to that of the riots seen after sports championships…
That’s just Great! What is happening to our country?
Who are these people that would venture to tear our country down in such a shameful manner?

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