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Thanksgiving Meal Tips and Must-Haves

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We know that it can be difficult to sit down and figure out everything you need in order to have a stress-free, flawless Thanksgiving. So let us help you...

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Andrea Correale from has easy tips to help make your life a little simpler for your Thanksgiving supper.

When To Prepare Your Food

1. Defrost your turkey at least two days ahead of time. This will ensure a very moist, cooked bird.

2. Do what you can ahead of time. This will relieve stress and allow you to enjoy your family and friends the day of.

3. Prepare your stuffing and cranberry sauce three - four days in advance. These items will hold really well and will reheat perfectly with out sacrificing quality.

4. Cook your mashed potatoes the day of. The secret ingredients of wow-worthy mashed potatoes are butter and heavy cream, with just the right amount of salt and pepper. Cook, whip and serve for the best results.

Tips On How To Cook Your Turkey

1. While cooking your turkey, make sure you baste it with its natural juices every 15-20 minutes!

2. For best results, cook the bird at 350 degrees.

3. To know when your turkey is done cooking, purchase a thermometer and place in the center of the turkey's breast. When it reaches between 165 and 170 degrees, it's done.

4. It's better to cook the turkey in the oven alone earlier in the day and then leave it on top of the stove, covered. With the turkey out of the way, the oven will be free to heat up your side dishes easily.

5. Do not reheat the bird for dinner. Once your side dishes are hot and ready, be sure to reheat your gravy to make it warm. Carve the bird and then serve with gravy.

Thanksgiving Décor

1.Set up your dining room table the weekend before. That way you can take your time creating a beautiful table with place cards and all.

2. If you are having a large group over, consider setting up your table formally (as if it were a sitdown) but instead of having the food at the table, set up a buffet in the kitchen. This way everyone can make a plate and still have room to sit down together at one table.

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Aneil November 13, 2009, 8:30 PM

Don’t baste your turkey. All this does is cool the oven down and keep your turkey in there longer…leading to dry turkey breast. If you want to cook your turkey properly, brine it and leave it in the oven properly at 350. Also, cook the Turkey until it reaches 161 in the deepest part of the breast meat. When it rests, the meat will come up in temp perfectly. If you wait too long you’ll have the dry bird we all hate.

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