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Travel with Kids without Killing Yourself

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If you've ever been stuck at 30,000 feet or on a never-ending road trip with screaming monsters your kids, you know how important it is to be prepared. Check out these top tips for keeping the skies friendly and the road less whiny ... just in time for holiday travel.
crying kid refusing to get into a car
• Three letters: D - V - D. It keeps the kids occupied and actually gives Mom and Dad a second to themselves (just don't forget the backup battery.) Add a chewy snack and lollipops, and their mouths are too busy to complain about anything!

•Buy a TON of stickers -- one mom even uses Band-Aids! -- and before the trip stick them ALL over your kid. They spend the entire trip taking them off their body and putting them into their sticker book.

• Endless surprises: Little puzzles, stickers, crayons and books, toys, color forms. (Think the 99 Cent Store, people!) A cup with ice entertains for a good 20 minutes.

• If you can afford it when you fly, buy the extra seat for your under two kid. Many credit cards offer a free companion ticket, which saves a lot of cash! Also, save a new toy for the plane -- one never seen before. (It helps to remind yourself that the people around you were kids once too and you'll never see them again.)

• Buy drinks for the people around you. They will be a lot nicer to you and your kids!

• Gifts for the flight attendants (like candy) always helps. If the flight attendants are on your side, your flight will be much easier.

• Pay to get into the lounge before the flight. Many of them have "family rooms" with VCRs and DVD players, plus they have free snacks. Makes layovers and waiting for the flight much more pleasant.

• Bring a trash bag or ask for one. You will need it for all your kid's crap and the flight attendant will be nicer when she sees you are trying to keep the aisle clean. Anda change of clothes is a MUST. One mom's son puked all over himself and her husband on a flight -- with no change of clothes. Nothing worse than dried puke all over you and your kid!

• Chewing gum during takeoff and landing canreduce pressure on kids' ears.

Before you reach for the Benadryl or Tylenol thinking it will knock them out, listen up. Doctors say it can often have the opposite effect, leaving your kid climbing the walls! So try it out at home first (preferably when your kids are actually sick).

• Remember to breathe and keep telling yourself it'll be over in a few hours (minus day-long layovers and delays). The ultimate "get" out of a plane ride is getting somewhere to see people and/or places you love. SO, bring a book, snack and games and hunker down -- rest assured, "this too shall pass."

Do you have any foolproof trips for travel with kids? Let us know in the momlogic community!

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