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Women Show Pity for Casey Anthony with Cash

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Why would anyone in their right mind give money to an accused child-killer?

Casey Anthony has hit rock bottom. The 22-year-old currently sits in a tiny cell in the Orange County Jail in Florida accused of murder. Many are already convinced Anthony is guilty of fatally chloroforming her three-year-old daughter Caylee, stashing the body in the trunk of her car and then callously partying at a local bar. Things don't look good.

casey anthony

Yet there are a few people, mostly women, who've taken pity on Anthony and are sending her money, to be deposited directly into her jail Inmate Money Account. The account can only be used at the jail commissary -- essentially a canteen for items not supplied by the prison.

So far a total of four women have been moved by Anthony's story enough to contribute. For the most part, the connection between Anthony and the women remain a mystery and is likely to remain so. "We do not seek out the relationship between the contributor and the inmate," Orange County Corrections Public Information Officer Allen Moore told momlogic. Moore isn't surprised, however, that Casey is receiving donations. "Obviously if there had not been the intense media coverage for this case, strangers wouldn't have sent money."

One of these so-called strangers is Michelle St. Claire of Spring Valley, California. She sent the accused mom murderer a donation of $75.00. In an exclusive interview with momlogic, the 39-year-old St. Claire defended her decision to come to the aid of the incarcerated mother.

"I'm a firm believer that you're innocent until you've been proven guilty," says St. Claire, a licensed private investigator. "This is a 22-year-old girl whose life is over. If 75 dollars will buy her some freakin' cocoa lotion, then what's the big deal?"

And, for the most part, standard items are all Casey has been buying. Her first purchases in the prison included: shampoo, hair ties, envelopes and stamps, a washcloth, a sports bra and underwear.

Anthony cannot, as CNN correspondent Nancy Grace erroneously reported, use the money to buy, "lingerie, high-end luxury items, like shrimp cocktails." Unless you count ear plugs or Spam in a Pouch as "splurges," the commissary's offerings consist of only the essentials.

Given the small amount of money St. Claire donated, she is baffled the way the media has been reacting to what she feels is an act of "compassion."

But psychoanalyst Dr. Bethany Marshall is suspect of anyone reaching out to Anthony. "They've identified with her in some way," says Dr. Marshall. "Either they've been abused by a mother, they've abused their own children, maybe they're drug addicts and neglected their own children, they know what it's like to be put in jail."

St. Claire, a childless woman, who has never been incarcerated, thinks Marshall's explanation is laughable.

"I don't necessarily think she's innocent," she says. "I think she was stupid. But I try to be a forgiving person. You never know when you're going to need to be forgiven for something. She's already been tried and convicted. I think educated, healthy people sometimes do reckless things in desperation. She wanted to get a break and something tragic happened."

In the end, St. Claire wonders why people are so judgmental of such a small gesture. "It's not like I sent Casey defense money."

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Click on an image below to see Michelle St. Claire's money order to Casey Anthony, as well as money orders from other contributors, Casey's commissary purchases and the items available to buy at the Orange County Jail.

casey anthony document casey anthony document casey anthony document casey anthony document
Donation Check #1 Donation Check #2 Donation Check #3 Donation Check #4
casey anthony document casey anthony document casey anthony document  
Casey's Commissary Order
Prison Commissary Items (page 1)
Prison Commissary Items (page 2)

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335 comments so far | Post a comment now
Micah November 5, 2008, 7:29 PM

FYI-the comment “Did you know, control freaks always have to have the last word” is actually something that very manipulative people try to use to control others? It is people who make this same statement, who are the actual control freaks. I mean, really, this is a comment section, a chat dialogue, and it isn’t about the “last word”…how childish.
That is plain dumb. Comments like that are what abusive husband use to manipulate their wives into shutting up, making them think that their wrong. Guess what? The whole world isn’t as easily manipulated, and I will assert myself again—this is a section for comments, and has nothing to do with the “last word”. What a joke!

debby November 5, 2008, 7:38 PM

Casey might need help with her behavior problems before she had a baby. She did not want a baby in the first place. Not only Casey, many young mothers out there have mudered their children. Forgive Casey yes ST. Claire is right but we can’t accept what Casey did that was wrong.Only God knows and knows what Casey is doing.

Sandra November 5, 2008, 7:40 PM

Gee Micah, thanks for clearing that up. I was afraid to make another comment lest it prove that the other person on here might be right about me…lol. Goodness, gracious, what craziness. I was scared, seriously (hear the sarcasm).
Anyhow, moving back along to the comments about Casey, I still like the idea of restitution. If she is convicted of fraud, she should have to pay all the money back. I know Casey won’t earn much in jail, but she still should have to work off what she stole. I am sure Amy Huizenga is having to struggle now financially from all the hard-earned funds that were taken fraudulently from her account. That is not right, and in a fair world, restitution should be a bigger part of the justice system.

Brandi November 5, 2008, 7:56 PM

I think that Casey and her mom had a very disfunctional relationship and this may have played into it all. This is a young woman, and although, I can feel a bit of sympathy for her, her actions and lack of actions are what has ultimately put her in jail. You can’t just fail to report your child missing, behave in a suspicious manner, lie to investigators, etc, without arousing suspicions. Those facts, and the evidence against her, are enough to warrant a trial.
I guess what sets this case apart in some respect, is the fact that there are many reasons why parents would harm there children, and this is so far off the spectrum. Parents who are stressed with childcare while they are trying to work and maintain a roof over their head, and struggle to put food on the table, sometimes become overwhelmed and snap. Casey’s case is different. She had a roof over her head, and food on the table, in fact, the grandparents seem like the type to make sure that their granddaughter had everything she needed. She looked well cared for in that regard and Casey did not have to struggle with trying to provide for her child, on a daily basis.
What is appeared Casey struggled with instead was trying to have the freedom that she so desparately craved. It appears that she had used people to babysit her child, lied and said she had a job just to go out and party and hang with her friends. That clearly shows someone who is more interested in themselves and their own need, rather than those of a child. It is sad. There are no winners here. Their is a child, presumed missing and dead at the hands of the mother, grandparents who a greiving a beloved granddaugter, and a young lady in prison who made choices that were very poor. At any point in time, she could have stopped and done things differently.
I don’t think Casey deserves sympathy. I think this is best saved for her parents, because despite anything, they have now lost a daughter, a grandchild, and their family.

marie griffin November 5, 2008, 8:03 PM

what upsets me most is that if people have $50, &75 & $100 to just give away, why not feed a hungry child, give it to battered women, save a shelter animal….. so many need money so much more than anyone in jail for any reason, guilty or not.

Lily November 5, 2008, 8:19 PM

UNfreakin believable! Her parents should be the ones funding for their psychotic daughter. After all they are the ones who raised her to become who she is. Cindy is at a lot at fault whether thats not what she intended to raise or not she is responsible for that piece of ****!! Who cares if they lost Casey to jail? RIN??? Or as Casey would say, OMG what a huge waste. These women sending donations to Casey have got to be sick in the head or just plain stupid. Donations would be greatly appreciated to sick kids with cancer or starving children in Africa. Anything but for this miserable piece of #$#$!!!!!

Sandra November 5, 2008, 8:20 PM

I agree with you Marie. There is so much need in this world, especially even in regard to this case. They have asked people for donations to help with the search. While ultimately it is people’s choice to send their money where they wish, and to donate to whatever causes they see fit, one has to question the motives of a person who feels compelled to send money to a woman recently indicted for murdering their child.
Casey has her family who can take care of her financially, even in prison. Any donations would best be used for the search for Caylee, and if Casey were as concerned as a parent as she should be, she would have her lawyer hold a press conference to advise the public, that at Casey’s request, no more funds be sent to her, but instead to forward any donations to Equasearch, in the hopes of finding out what happend to her daughter. That is what any concerned, innocent, mother would do.
There actually are a lot of people in prison, who don’t receive inmate funds from anyone, and who have to earn their spending money at 20 cents an hour. These people do not have family, or have been abandoned by them once they were incarcerated. I wonder what the other prisoners think of Casey Anthony being sent donations for her inmate account by complete strangers?
Casey should do the right thing, and choose to elect future donations to be directed towards the search for her daughter. Otherwise, Casey Anthony may end up breeding animosity towards herself with the prison population, as much she has with the public.

caylee has stolen america's heart November 5, 2008, 8:45 PM

This case has so many twists and turns! If casey had nothing to hide, from day one she could have cooperated with the police. She never has. I feel no sympathy towards George, Lee or Cindy either, they have changed their stories repeatedly and have also refused to cooperate with authorities and EquuSearch. These people deserve no sympathy, Caylee is the victim and they continue try to make “poor” Casey as the victim.

Liz November 5, 2008, 9:10 PM

What it all comes down to is it’s only money and until the law says otherwise,people can donate it to her if they want.

sandra November 5, 2008, 9:11 PM

It certainly appears that Cindy has enabled Casey and listening to the prison phone calls it appears that everyone appeases Casey, as well. They can’t wonder why she turned out the way that she did, in prison indicted on murder charges, and fraud charges. No one should be surprised at the fact that Casey lies and it is evident that she doesn’t lie out of fear but to manipulate. Testimony from her friends, paint a poor character, of someone who lies and uses other people.
Cindy has called her own daughter a Sociopath. I am sure in the quiet moments at home, and in the years to follow after this case has fallen from the spotlight, Cindy and George Anthony will think back and wonder how they missed the signs, and what they could have done to have helped prevent this tragedy. Sad, sad, story. Heartbreaking, to ponder the fate of this beautiful little child.

Sandra November 5, 2008, 9:25 PM

I do agree with that part, Liz, but I also think that if Casey were interested, guilty or not, in doing the right thing, she would request that her attorney hold a Press Conference to ask that any future donations go towards helping in the search for her daughter. It is in her attorney’s power to do so, at her request.
This is Mom Logic and these are logical, and fair things in life. So, yes, people are and should be able to donate to whatever cause they would like, but they should know that others may question their motives. Everyone by now knows that all this stuff in regard to Ms Anthony, is going to eventually become publically shared information.
Hopefully, next week, we will see Jose Baez up in front of the cameras,
speaking on behalf of his client, asking that further donations for Casey Anthony cease and for any funds to instead be sent to help Equsearch in their search. These are the things that show that a person is concerned and wanting to do the right thing.

Gloria November 5, 2008, 9:38 PM

Casey’s profile is incredibly similar to that of Susan Smith. The info is at
If Casey, like Susan, was indeed the victim of long-standing sexual abuse by a family member she would be living with an incredible psychological handicap. If that is indeed the case then all the ranting and raving against her by people who have never had to endure such trauma would not be well-informed. Like I said, the similarities between Susan Smith and Casey Anthony are startling. It seems advisable not to judge anyone unless you have walked a mile in the other woman’s moccasins. There’s a book out in the “recovery community” with the title, Hurt People Hurt People. People who come from hurting families know that this is true.
I too feel outraged at what Casey did, and especially at the fact that she’s refusing to tell the truth, and at least honor her child in her death by bringing her remains home, and giving closure to us all. But to me her refusal to do so may also be an expression of abiding rage at her family.
We don’t know what happened to Casey, growing up. If it was anything like that which happened to Susan Smith it would be one heck of a load to carry. It doesn’t excuse either her or Susan altogether but every personality, even the strongest, has a breaking point.
As Bertold Brecht wrote, commenting on the case of a child murderer many decades ago, …and you, (meaning us who are being told the story) don’t give in to anger, for all creation needs the help of all.

Amanda November 6, 2008, 7:30 AM

I would like to start off saying that I agree with everyone stating that the women sending Casey money are nuts! But I would like to pose a few questions out there, “Who are we to judge? Are we God? Are we without sin to cast the first stone?” I am in no way defending Casey! My opinion is that she deserves all the hell she gets for what she has done but I cannot past judgement on her, Who am I? I would never do what she did but I cannot past judgement, it’s not my place. If these women want to send her their money go ahead, to each is own.

Vicki November 6, 2008, 7:54 AM

Why don’t these people send money to the search company to help find the body? Why waste it on this poor excuse for a human being? Sure, innocent until proven guilty but if the shoe fits. Anyone that would let their daughter be “missing” for a month and not report it, c’mon. I hope she fries and it’ll be one less worthless ho for the US taxpayers to have to support.

mommy November 6, 2008, 7:58 AM

are you serious this b had more chances then alot this is sick we should look at thier backgroung a little guilt of thier own might be there give money to find that baby you are animals not women

mommy November 6, 2008, 8:08 AM

liz a humane then donate to find that baby in the elements because mom is warm fed and watching tv so how humane are u

mommy November 6, 2008, 8:10 AM

oh momlogic 4 women do not show pity it shows some guilt or hidden abuse to themselves or others ?????????????

mommy November 6, 2008, 8:32 AM

ok i have calm down this gets a nowhere so evertone please donate to find caylee and let others do what they can live with thats the AMERICAN WAY.

Sateena November 6, 2008, 8:33 AM

Since when does one reward someone for bad behavior, regardless of what it is. When we begin to evaluate what is and what is not right or just for Casey, we need to think about Caylee. After all, she is the true victim. Are these women also going to send money for a proper burial for Caylee? Just think about the rights and liberties this little girl has been denied. Yes their is forgiveness; but it’s up to Casey’s parent to do so. All in all, in the end, the truth shall set her free, and I don’t mean from jail. As for the rest of us, all we can do is pray for those who are wrong.

mommy November 6, 2008, 8:34 AM


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