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You'll Put Your Eye Out With That!

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Just in time for the recession -- a stick just got inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame. Cost? Free! Cast your vote for the next inductee.


It sounds like it's an article in a fake news site -- but it's real. The latest toy to be inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame is a stick. Yes. Just a stick. From a tree. You really can't beat it for versatility. A stick can be used as a wand, a tool for drawing in sand, a sword, a snowman's arm and you only need to go into your backyard to get one -- no need to go to beat the crowds at Toys 'R Us! The stick joins two other 2008 inductees: the baby doll and the skateboard.

Honestly, maybe it's time to give the whole Toy Hall of Fame thing a rest?  In 2005, the cardboard box was inducted cause (let's face it) kids'll play with anything. Many toddlers find electric outlets fun -- should they make the list?

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