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Tone Your Tush -- While Baking!

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Guest blogger Erin Kurdyla: I'm no Betty Crocker, but I do spend a little more time in the kitchen (and a little less time hitting the weights) around the holidays. So I came up with these quickie sculpting moves to help me get buff while I bake.

Woman excercising in the kitchen

STOVE HOPS: Kick up your calorie burn a notch with this plyometric (a.k.a. jumping move). Bam! The ovens warm, now so are you. Try it: Stand with feet together, arms at sides, knees soft. Jump in place, landing softly with knees bent. Repeat for 30 seconds.

HOT BUNS: Seriously, hot buns can be yours ... and I'm not talking about Pillsbury here! Try it: Stand with feet hip-width apart and lower into a deep squat every time you add a new ingredient to your recipe!

FLOUR PRESS: Boost your bust and banish arm flags while the cookies are baking with this toner. Try it: Stand about a foot away from the counter, being sure to face it. Keeping feet planted, lean torso forward and place hands securely on countertop. Bend elbows to lower body toward counter. Push back up to start. Do 8 to 12 reps.

TOE RAISE GLAZE: Get red hot calves while you put the finishing touches on your cake. Try this: Rise slowly up on your toes and lower down. Don't let those heels hit the ground. Repeat for 30 seconds.

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