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A Look Back on Last Year's Resolutions

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momlogic's Jayne: Life is full of pledges and promises to be better and make life better. But never is such a promise as "important" and as fraught with possible failure as the promises we make to ourselves every New Year.


I confess, I am no different and every year I make a solemn oath to myself that I am going to be nicer, work harder, spend more quality time with my son, etc ... This year though, I am taking a look back and see how I did with 2008's resolutions before I make next years. Here's how I did.

2008 New Year's Resolution # 1: I will stop drinking so much

The reality: I did manage to cut back on the number of days per week that I drink, but I now drink more on the days I do drink. In 2007, I drank a couple of glasses of wine every day. In 2008, I only drank one or two (maybe three) days during the week as well as Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The only problem is that since I drink less during the week, I now feel "entitled" to drink more on the days I do drink. I hate to admit it, but now when I drink, I consume (at least) a bottle of wine in one sitting. I wasn't sure if that was too much, so I've done the math. If I drank a bottle of wine, five days a week, this year then I drank 260 bottles of wine. Gulp.

2009 New Year's Resolution: Keep up the good work! In fact, I really do think that I could probably drink a little more and still be fine.

2008 New Year's Resolution #2: I will lose a significant amount of weight and look like a supermodel.

The reality: I did manage to lose about 40 (combined) pounds over the course of the year - but it wasn't all at once, and most of the time I gained it right back. Also, despite all the pounds lost over the course of the year, I am the same weight now as I was on January 1st. I also still don't look like a supermodel (strangely enough.)

2009 New Year's Resolution: Keep up the good work! This year though I won't even bother to lose any weight - I will just try and maintain where I am.

2008 New Year's Resolution #3: I will not be such a bitch. I will be nicer to my husband and all those who I come in contact with.

The reality: Hmmmm ... this is a tough one to analyze. I did promise to be nicer, especially to my husband, but surely it doesn't count against me that I am still a bitch when people around me are beyond stupid and completely annoying. Does is count that I still get annoyed when my husband holds something in is hand, something which he can see, since he's not blind as of the last time I checked, and asks me "What's this?" Can I be blamed for suddenly blurting out, "What the f*** do you think it is?" Can I be blamed if while I am at a store, some idiot stands at the top of the escalator obliviously gabbing away on their cell phone blocking the way for everyone, I blurt out "Can you get the f*** out of the way, you idiot?"? I'm not so sure.

2009 New Year's Resolution: Keep up the good work! Just don't say "f***" so much.

2008 New Year's Resolution: I will bathe every day and I will always look my best.

The reality: Unlike many of my lovely co-workers who looked pretty, polished and turned out every day - I do not. It's not that I can't, but for some reason I just don't care. I know that I can look nice -- I have good hair, I'm tall, and if I'm not too fat, I look good in clothes. But for some reason, I can only pull it together about one day a week - if that. So do the math: That means that I look good about 52 days of the year. Not exactly a huge improvement, but at least I shower regularly.

2009 New Year's Resolution: Keep up the good work! In fact, I think I did such a great job that I won't force myself to bathe on Sundays anymore.

2008 New Year's Resolution #5: I will spend more quality time with my son.

The reality: My son and I spent a lot of time together watching "Top Chef" (he loves that show), "Survivor" (he loves that show), "Project Runway" (he loves that show), and "Dirty Jobs" (he loves that show too). We also slept in the same bed every night (he's only 4 so don't get the wrong idea) AND we played games together more (while I drank my red wine).

2009 New Year's Resolution: Keep up the good work! But stop watching "Dirty Jobs" so much.

All in all I think I did great, so great, that I don't think that I really need to change a thing. Tell us how you did with 2008's New Year's Resolutions.

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Nicole March 25, 2011, 11:56 AM

I like your post 3) I’ll surely be peeping into it again soon! ;>

Gabriel March 27, 2011, 11:32 AM

Wonderful, good saying and very vivid expression, i truly like your opinion about that.I gotta say very good and quite persuasive.

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