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Activities and Outings with Grandma

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Need something fun to do with your grandkids during the holiday? We have some great ideas!

grandmother with her granddaughter decorating a Christmas tree

Everyone loves the holidays. It's a chance to eat, drink, and spend time with your loved ones. It's also a free pass to spoil the kids. Whether you're going on a road trip to visit the fam, or whether the grandparents are coming to stay with you, there are some fun activities and outings that you can do to make sure everyone is having a good time (and not hanging out by the tree, sneaking a peak at the gifts).  We loved some of the ideas from one of our favorite resources, the Fisher-Price website dedicated to grandparenting, and wanted to share.


These activities are for the on-the-go, adventurous, can't-stay-home grandma: You! Who says you have to stay inside and show off your cookie recipe? Instead, you can put your grandchild in a festive mood by driving through a seasonal light display at Christmastime. In some towns and cities, there are holiday displays in parks or along Main Street. If not, drive around a festively lit, beautifully decorated neighborhood. To round out the experience, pop a CD of holiday tunes into the car stereo! (or a CD of the Jonas Brothers -- depending on just how "cool" you want to be...)

Mom-to-Grandma Tip: Since this activity falls so close to bedtime, try to arrange your outing as soon as it's dark enough, perhaps right after dinner. (And they'll get sleepy in the car, making "night-night" a little easier!)


kid playing
Thanks to your delicious cookies, the grandkids are wired and swinging from the chandeliers. So why not get them out of the house and let them burn off some of that sugar high at the playground?!  Even if your grandchild has a swing set in his backyard, he'll be excited to explore a new one, especially if you're there to share the adventure. Find a playground at a nearby park and supervise your grandchild as he tries different equipment. Cheer on his playground accomplishments as he masters the swing, slide or teeter-totter. To make your outing extra special, pack a picnic lunch (or more of those delicious cookies) to share!

Tips: Playground equipment is age-graded, so call the parks department first to find out which parks offer sets appropriate for your grandchild's age and abilities. While you're on the phone, find out about if there are picnic tables, a wading pool and restrooms.

Whatever developmental stage your grandchild is in, the Fisher-Price brand has just the activity to encourage growth, learning play, and of course, lots of time with Grandma. Check out Fisher Price's grandparenting site for more information on stages of play, great toys and more grandparenting tips.

* Some content of FUN ACTIVITIES & OUTINGS WITH GRANDMA! reprinted with permission from the Fisher-Price Website. (C) 2008 Mattel, Inc. All Rights Reserved.  

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