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Addicted to Twilight? You're Not Alone!

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Reading "Twilight" is like biting into a dark chocolate brownie. You savor every moment, yet your taste buds are never truly satisfied. You're always left wanting more.

mom and daughters obsessed with

Caroline Kruse, is a mom addicted to "Twilight." She compares it to a Calgon "Take Me Away" commercial. "For me, 'Twilight' was such an escape," says Kruse. "I couldn't wait for the kids to go to bed so I could crawl under the covers and read my book."

Kruse has read the entire Stephenie Meyer series and visits the fan sites on a regular basis. When she saw the movie with her 15-year-old daughter, Kruse wore a Jacob t-shirt to the theater. "Jacob's a bad boy. I always love the bad boys," says Kruse.

Her daughter turned her on to "Twilight" during a road trip. "I started reading it and finished it on the drive home," says Kruse. "Then I picked up the next one." But she let her daughter read the sequel first. "She introduced me to the books so I thought it was only fair," say Kruse.

Clearly, it's not just teens that want to sink their teeth into Edward Cullen. But why are moms so obsessed with the "Twilight" saga? "I think everyone can relate to high school no matter how old you are," says Kruse. "It's when you have your first love."

Kruse also confesses "Twilight" has improved her sex life. "A lot of moms are thinking of their husbands as vampires or werewolves so there's more romance going on," says Kruse. "My husband is a werewolf, but he's not that hairy."

So "Twilight" moms, stop hiding in Forks and embrace your inner Bella Swan! Join Momlogic's "Twilight Moms" group.

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